Jul 10
There’s a little corner in my heart
Which is bespoken from the start

I used this corner on my own
For a little moment all alone

This corner was a precious bit
I let no one but myself sit

It was reserved for the cherished one
No one but me was that person

My love with me this corner saw
I could safely let me here thaw

Then one day my heart saw a rush
All around there was a gush

It’s beats reached up peaks really high
And Every inch let out a sigh

It was the day you entered here
Awed my heart you musketeer

You searched around for a living space
In that corner you found your place

An invasion I couldn’t stop
Your charm was making my heart throb

I tried to get you out of there
After all this was all my sphere

I heard a voice in the background run
Isn’t this space for the special one..??

I guess I loved you more than me
Coz in that corner I let you be
Written by
Ain  37/F/UAE
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