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Nov 2012
I am sorry. For things I have said,
For the things I have done,
For loosing your trust.
I am sorry that a man took away my innocence.

I am sorry that I could not tell you before
I was just a girl
I sorry that I lost my virginity
because of a ****
I am sorry that you do not believe
I am sorry i did not know
what he was doing at the moment

I am sorry that there are cruel people out there
I am sorry that my father left us
I am sorry he never helped me
I am sorry that You did it all alone

I could not do anything at all
I am sorry that I was not the best daughter
I apologize for not knowing what you felt
I am sorry You grew up working
I am sorry you did not go to school
I am sorry I did not understand
that you worked all day and all night

I am sorry That I did not become the perfect daughter, I am sorry that a man made me worth less, I am sorry I tried to get revenge for the eight years of betrayal
Made by Estrella Luciano and a friend...
The voice
Written by
The voice  Wisconsin
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