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Feb 2019 · 160
The voice Feb 2019
Aside from the black nail polish,
My own personal act of rebellion,
I see my father's hands.

I have my mami's nose,
and eyes,
and lip shape,
and even her forehead.

We have the same forehead,
But my hands,
When I see them I see my father's hands.

Maybe I see them in an attempt,
to portray an image of his existence,
To acknowledge that he actually exists
even though he hasn't been by my side

My hands are darker than my mother's
They are slightly chubbier,
Even the darker little hairs that decorate them,
They do not look like hers at all,
so naturally, they have to look like his.

I am more reminded of him when I grip them
So tightly I almost cut the flow of blood.
So strongly the blood rushed to blush the tips of my fingers

The rage. The anger. The reminder that I am your daughter
That I carry your last name
That I am still and Forever will be,
a part of you
and you a part of me

I did not choose that.
I did not choose the anger or the love

When I have you in front of me,
I will take these, my hands
that look like yours
grip them tighter than ever before
with determination in my eyes,
aim and...

I learned how to box in an attempt,
to shape these hands to be less like you
Fighting hands, unlike yours
Strong hands, much different to yours
Passionate hands, contrary to YOU

I wear the black nail polish, to remind me and you
That these hands are yours,
tainted by the dark melody of the last kiss you gave me
Before you let me walk away.

I wear these hands masked by power,
but deep down a reminder that I am a woman,
Despite my hands being like yours.
A reminder that had you stayed,
I would probably not have the education I now have.

I look down at my hands and see yours.
Despite the black nail polish, they look like yours.
With a layer of love, willing to forgive and love
But unwilling to Forget!
This is what happens when a professor asks a good question in class. "Whose hands beside your own do you see when you look down at them"
Nov 2018 · 119
Tell her
The voice Nov 2018
How do you tell a friend that she has made a mistake

You can go back to THAT Ariel with time...
If that is really what you want

Sometimes people make mistakes on purpose
soemtimes we do things that helps us become the people,
we want to become.
Sometimes, we stand on the line and cross it anyway,
because it is easy and it feels okay...

But then, what lines are we not willing to cross.

You can go back to that Ariel with time...
If that is really what you want

As we look at your picture, from your past
I can feel the need and desperation you have to be that person
I sense the nerves and the regret you have because you are no longer that Ariel,

But... Is that what you really want
You swam, despite the wished of your father,
you swam and rescued the prince and fell in love

You kissed the prince, knowing your father would disprove,

you could be the Ariel that your father made you to be,
You could be go back to that Ariel,
but do you want to.

That Ariel, felt things different than you do now
That Ariel, knew nothing of this new experience
I hope you discover which Ariel you love more,

If you really wanted to, you could, with time,
Have the love and the warmth of that Ariel.
For now, you have to reflect and think,
which Ariel Makes you Happiest!

The one in the picture,
or the one confused about love.
Disclaimer: : Life happens
Mar 2018 · 275
How dare me
The voice Mar 2018
The ground beneath me trembled,
The lights were dimming,
A dark hole below my desk
And only my desk
I had become a target
I should have never volunteered

I should have never volunteered to read in a language that was not mine
I needed the grade
How dare I have an accent
How dare my eight year old self, not know better
How dare me.
Mar 2018 · 6.1k
My Poem
The voice Mar 2018
I stand in the middle of the room
My classmates are commanded to listen to me
I am the 14th person to present and so far, everyone has done a good job

I stand in the middle of the room
I begin to saw the name of my project
“My Poem”
I cannot remember what it was about
I do remember, what I felt

I stand in the room,
Hoping that everyone feels what I felt when I was writing it
I felt excited, my stomach had ‘butterflies’ I think
I felt the heat in my heart and the cold on my shoulders.
I felt the tingles all over my body, and the air escaping me

I stood in the middle of the room
I stand in the middle of the room
I was in the middle of the room and said
“My poem”
I heard a chuckle.

I ignored it because the ‘in love’ heart in my chest was more excited than It should have been
I continues and my voice began to play tricks on me
And the r’s rolled and the words were suddenly in another language
My mind still ignored it and continues
Because I felt I could write, and read this and everyone could love it

I stood in the middle of the room,
I waited for the, applause, the smiles, the congrats, or even a simple ‘good job’ like everyone else
My teacher said, work on pronunciation. She said it again. Pro-noun-ci-a-tion
Ok. ‘Work on grammar.’ ‘Work on sentence structure’
“Work on being American” the chuckle said
Or the person who chuckled?

It didn’t mean much, you know
I loved writing so much that it did not matter
I would be a writer, I would continue to
STAND in the middle of the room and share my talent
And when I did, he chuckled
She chuckled, I was Mexican

Not a writer. Writers can’t be Mexican
Unless you write in Spanish and in Mexico
But I was too American for that at this point…

SO the next time I wrote I was ashamed,
Maybe if someone else wrote my writing?
But it didn’t matter,
When the teacher began reading,
The chuckle reminded the class it was the ‘Mexican’ who wrote it

“Mi nina” My mom would say
She reminded me that no only was I Mexican
I was a woman,
Only men thrive in this world
I believed it
And that is why my name is ‘The Voice’
Not my actually name,
Disclosure: I accept criticism on how to better my writing
NOT on what to write or on my background
Thanks, for a lesson I will never forget:

I make my own destiny!
Mar 2018 · 637
A Poor Man's treat?
The voice Mar 2018
I couldn’t wait for my class to end so I could run outside and find
el carrito (Stand)
I fell in love with the feeling and the taste before I even knew what love was.
I stood outside holding my mother’s hand waiting for her to ask
the times she did not ask I would pull on her plaid, decently long skirt and looked over towards the man selling raspados

She knew what I wanted and she knew how much I wanted it.
I focused on ...
el carrito
as if looking at it would be enough to call the gods of raspados to have mercy over me

They cost $1.50. My mother gives me the money
I run over
The man says

te faltan, no es suficiente (not enough)

I was devastated, I began to take step back slowly, I dared to not look at my mother with this disappointment.
I barely noticed the lady standing behind the man, she was the boss

I noticed she was looking towards my mother
Maybe she saw in my mother’s face something convincing, or maybe my confusion triggered a mother instinct
Whatever it was, it was enough

As I walked away slowly with my first heart break,
the lady behind says,

tiene antojo, tu daselo (She has a craving, give it to her)

I thanked her with my smile and with a slight flitter in my heart of happiness and even more with my taste buds having a celebration just by looking at how this raspado was being made

The beautiful sound of the mountain man, holding a metal, rectangular shaver of ice
containing it all inside until it was ready to be placed in the cup. The small stones pile one by one when crushed
Just big enough to hold shape and small enough to enjoy

Then the miel con sabor a tamarindo  being delicately set on top, like a creamy blanket in liquid form

Si, con limon y sal, porfavor, y poquito chile (add salt and lemon, and a bit of spice... Please)
because my mom taught me how to be polite
and then, to my surprise the actual fruit
tamarindo on top, a light brown coloring with a soft cover on the hardened seed inside

It decorated with grace and delight, the treat awaiting for me
I felt the richness

There I learned my first lesson of kindness
It is part of a longer piece... It is Nonfiction.
Raspados are similar to icecones but very Hispanic. I suggest trying one. They vary in flavors (guava, pineapple, lime, mango, etc...)
Jan 2018 · 418
She is clothed in majesty
The voice Jan 2018
She is clothed with majesty
She walks on water, she is gentle
She is sensitive and delicate to touch
She is a woman, what did you expect?
From a woman

When you saw her cry, it made sense,
Because she was sensitive
When she washed the dishes, you thought
“That’s her place!”
When she stood up and said something thoughtful
You cleaned your ears to make sure you heard right

She is a delicate woman, a sensitive one
Aren’t all women? Aren’t all human beings?
Is everyone just a little delicate and sensitive?
No! Men are strong and driven and ‘manly’.

So when a woman was strong and driven,
She was ‘manly’, wasn’t she?
When a woman chose school over getting married,
And having kids,
She wasn’t woman enough! Was she?

She hears the voices, she felt ashamed,
So she became the woman you said she should be
But when her little girl asked?
She did not know what to say!

You are clothed with majesty,
You walk on water, you are gentle
You are sensitive and delicate to touch
You are a woman.

And when her little girl asked about school,
She remembered, someone told her
“Your place is at home with the kids, waiting
Waiting for your husband, not at school”

You are a woman, embrace it
You are intelligent, so use that
You are a woman, you do whatever you want to do
Go to school, go to college, graduate, and be successful

He can wait, kids can wait,
Staying at home doesn’t have to be your only choice!
Thanks mom!
Feb 2017 · 497
The voice Feb 2017
Yes, I am afraid
Because it is dark
The darkness is scary
It is scary because anything could happen
Anything could happen because you can't see it coming
You don't see it coming because you trusted nothing would
It's dark,  no one and nothing is supposed to see you
You should be safe because nothing can find you
You thought so
Didn't you? *
You thought you would be safe
Didn't you?
You thought no one could harm you?
Didn't you?
You gave him your trust, and when it got dark,
You leaned on him
The only other person witch you
DID you NOT believe in him?
DID you NOT expect him to protect you?
DID you ask him to hurt you? *

WHy not?
Why not be afraid?
Why not be afraid of the dark?
Why not be afraid of the dark sometimes?
Why not be afraid of the dark sometimes when he's there?
Why not be afraid of the dark sometimes when he's there, and he's the only one?
Why not be afraid of the dark sometimes when he's there and he's the only one capable of saving you?
Why not be afraid of the dark sometimes when he's there and he's the only one capable of saving and hurting you, the most?
*Why not?
Dec 2016 · 4.3k
The voice Dec 2016
The best gift that a brother or sister can give is the gift of a niece or nephew
My little one, you are not mine to raise
But I keep you to play
You are not mine to put you to bed every night
But you are mine to care for when you need it
My little boy
you are not mine to send you off on your first day of school
But I get to listen to you tell me all about it
My little girl
I have to miss some of the endless cries
But the ones I get, I’ll make sure you are safe
My little baby in the crib
I cannot enjoy every time you take your first steps,
Oh sweet little angel
But I get to hold your hand whenever you need me too
And even when you feel a little devilish
If you ever feel like falling,
If you even need someone else
I know mom and dad are enough
But I grew up with one of them, and I know they have long days too
So if you need someone, if you need auntie
I’m here
I will make you mad, because that is my job
I will make mom and dad get mad, because that is my job
I will make you laugh when you do not want to, because that is my job
But it is my pleasure to hold you tight
To defend you
To care for you
To hold on to you
And to feed you things mom and dad say you should not eat.*
Aside from anything, I’ll be here with open arms.
For my baby niece and nephew. I love you
Oct 2016 · 695
Time with solids
The voice Oct 2016
How creative can you be?
How dramatic does a piece of work have to be
to be worth your time?
How many times have you actually tried to go out of your way and experience molding your own definition of creativity
The texture, smooth or rough
The form, tall or short skinny of more rounded
The texture, allows you to think and concentrate
nothing else matters when your are planning your piece
The form, allows to risk and try new things
Nothing else matters when you are actually trying
That problem you have before you enter the room
stays at the door maybe it travels with you to the chair,
but as soon as your hands feel the clay and begin to form
the solutions begin to form
Clay is such an easy struggle
You have many decisions to make
How much clay?
How many details?
How many utensils?
How much time?
But that last one is actually the least, no time is good
spend years trying to figure out what you want to make
and then make it in a second
or spend a second figuring it out
and spend those years making it.
Taking your mind out of that thing that happened earlier in the day,
What was it again?
Yup, it was not as fun as clay.
You've build it, you've fired it, not paint it
What colors?
What pattern?
What resemblance will you give it?
One? More than One? maybe way to many,
or too alike of colors.
Black and white,
Wait, what was that?
Ohhhh, remember that problem earlier?
This time actually remember, because it isn't just a problem
It is a problem with a solution.
Now we know what to do!
It doesn't have to be clay, but I personally love it. I hope you find a good free class, there are many out there if you just look closely.
Aug 2016 · 577
Everytown WIsconsin 2016
The voice Aug 2016
I've heard it being said that in a near death experience, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.The brightest light you will ever see because all of its surroundings are pitch black.
It is a lie, I have seen darker when the tears fell down my eyes as I struggled to find myself. I've seen darker as I stood there and watched the one I trusted most letting me down again and again. I've seen darker as I heard you cry out in the middle of the night because of the nightmares you had and no one listened, I was there too.
I thought I would never see such sadness in someone, so much that your tears turned into mine.
Our lives are so different, our struggles and our fights could not be any more contrary the one to the other. Our lives were being lived on opposite sides, how did we find ourselves in the same place, sharing our stories.
I heard you cry out in the middle of the night because of the nightmares you had and no one listened. I was there too.
How could two girls the same age, one American and one Hispanic, one with short wavy hair, the other with long straight hair
one with brown eyes, the other with a dark shade of green.
You stood there with tear drops in your eyes, and cried out, and said word by word every thing you have been holding in from everyone. You said things you have never said to anyone because of fear. I could see in your eyes the desire you had to yell out and set yourself free.
I have been there too. I stood there thinking it was my fault, I stood there thinking that I did not deserve the smile on my face. But you stood there with the same tears the same struggle and you did, and I wanted to tell you that you deserve every smile and many more but I couldn't. How could I tell you that it would be okay, if I didn't even know if I was going to be okay. Yet somehow by the end of the week, I knew, we both knew that as long as we believed in ourselves we would be okay? You and I together...
Everytown Wisconsin 2016
Jan 2016 · 563
Short fantasy
The voice Jan 2016
She did not know what was going on
She was confused about the path she would take
Did she have to make the decision alone?
She has heard that she didn't but where was that other decision-maker
She gave everything she had and expected nothing and gained nothing

She did not know what was going on
Was she really falling in love or just desperate
Had she really been so blind was she finally seeing clearly
Had she really just lowed herself for an illusion

She did not know what was going on
How could she not realize
the is so young, so ignorant to love
She had so much ahead of her
and many more problems

She did not know what was going on
Yet that was no excuse to put on the platter
Yet she had much better things to do
A guy was no match for the worries in her mind
She had a mother brothers fathers* and yet her mind,
was only on him

She did not know what was going on
yet she did
she knew why she cared so much
she knew why she was so attached to something so pathetic
It was not love, or desperation, or even lust
it was fear

She did not know what was going on
She was afraid that she would never really understand love
She was afraid that she would never be loved
she was afraid that she would end up alone
So she fell for the trick of love
She fell for a fantasy

She pretended she had to make a decision all by herself
when she always knew that God was the answer...
The story of a friend
Aug 2015 · 721
Spanish Melody
The voice Aug 2015
Como decirte que me has lastimado, si eso significa que te lastimaría
Como aclarar tus dudas si aclararlas es que sufras la verdad
Como asercarme a ti con amor si se que te podria lastimar

Dime, acaso fui yo quien cambio?
Fui you la que se alejo de la verdad primero?
Fueron mis palabras las que lastimaron mas?
Fue La fuerza de mi amor la que hizo tanto daño?

Yo solo quería escucharte decir un te quiero aunque fuese mentira
Solo quería tener el palpitar de tu corazón conjunto al mio
Solo tenía la esperanza de que por una vez tu tomaras mi mano
Yo solo quería sentir que tenía el respaldo de alguien....

Tenía muchos deseos de que me sostubieras en tus brazos
De que por un momento todo pareciera solo una pesadilla
Quería porbun instante llevarme yo la victoria , aunque hiciera trampa
Quería tenerte como un amigo,un aliado, un hermano

Me canse de que quisieras ser un padre, sabes ya tengo bastantantes de esos
Uno se dio por vencido y nunca intento ser parte de mi vida
Otro estuvo allí y cobro un precio demasiado caro que tuve que pagar
Si quieres ser un padre para mi tienes que lastimarme, hacerme sentir que valgo la pena y luego darte la vuelta
Aug 2015 · 474
Loving hate
The voice Aug 2015
Somethings are hard to explain
The pain is to deep
The words are to confusing
They are to hard to say

It is hard to explain how you love
The deepness of how much it costs
The confusion of the best approach
Saying only what needs to be said

It is hard to tell the difference
Between someone you loved
And someone who loved you
Because you were close to both

It is hard to understand that they are right
And hard to tell them when they are not
It is hard to live and not be able to do something
And its hard when you get the courage to do so
These words may not make sense
But if you have ever felt like you wanted to hate someone but were never able too, then this is you thinking behind the scenes
May 2015 · 452
Spanish Melody
The voice May 2015
Las cosas cambian
La vida toma joros inesperdados,
Nosotros le segimos o nos quedamos
Pero pase lo que pase nunca dejes de luchar!!!
May 2015 · 385
Never forgive you
The voice May 2015
I thought I would never be able
to forgive you
I thought I would be trapped here forever
When you left I felt lost
I was angry I was mad I was hurt
all I wanted was to make you feel the same

But now,
all has changed
words were said that hurt both of us
I asked for forgiveness
I asked for redemption
and I received much more

I received grace
I received love
I got everything I even needed
Things are now different
I can now smile without being forced

This time has served to teach a lesson
that God has it all in his hands
This time has been treasured
and now I know it is real

So now I can say
I Forgive You
May 2015 · 445
TobyMac: steal my show
The voice May 2015
My life
My plans
My heart
It's all Yours, God
Take it away
My dreams
My fears
My family
My career
Take it away
Take it away
It's all Yours, God
So take it away
Take it away
It's You I wanna live for
Apr 2015 · 474
Open your eyes
The voice Apr 2015
I know I will be okay
I know the hard times are lessons
And you are always there
I stand facing the storm
I stand knowing I do not fight alone

Someday, when I meet you
I will be able to thank-you for everything
For loving me when no one else did
You stood next to be when everyone stood against me

I had times when life took an unexpected turn
And even with the hard times,
I felt your presence holding me strong

I can feel the tears running down my cheeks
And your breeze taking them away

I know you will never leave, even if I deserve to be alone

Just like the sun shines,
That is how sure I am of your love

In the same way that you have always stood
I know you will always stand
And help me fight through

When I feel alone and helpless
And desperate for someone to listen
I know that you will never leave me
Because you love me that much

I know you are proud of me
I know you love me
I know you care about me
I know you will always fight for me

God, I love you back!
I wrote this because they would never understand, at this point no one will, except for God!
Mar 2015 · 444
Let us run
The voice Mar 2015
who I
once was
I am free to
live this life for
you and you alone
I am here to stand up
and run here at your side
So let us run
Let us take that step and never
go back to this world I will leave
I will let go off the tears and the cries
So let us run
To a world of greatness where
you will stand at my side to
give me the love I have
longed since the day
you held my hand
I long to see the
great things
you will
do in
Feb 2015 · 311
The voice Feb 2015
You gave me a reason to live
You gave me a reason to laugh
And when I could not see
You were my eyes in the darkness
Feb 2015 · 311
The voice Feb 2015
He approached me and said
I did it for her
I cried on the inside
Praying deep inside he will not notice

Maybe I did want him to
I wanted him to notice
The pain he causes every time he says
"It was for her"
It felt as if he reprehended me
Saying it was not for you

He said, she was his motivation
The reason for his heart yet to beat
Yet in my confusion
He has another
Can love do that?

Can love allow such a hypocrisy
Can love allow him to love one yet be with another
I would not know'
Or I cannot speak with experience

She loved him too
She cried when she found out
She was devastated and I comforted her
It hurt me like a blade piecing deep into my heart
But I stood strong for her

It hurt to know that he loved her
Was with another and I
I was alone

It hurt to have to stand strong
While seeing here cry
While I pretended not to care about him
I prefer to think it is not love
Because it would hurt more

But honestly I do not think it is
Because love is pure and he...
And she...
He said he would sacrifice everything for her
Yet pursued the like of another
And as they stood together

My friend cried and I died
I was jealous
Not only at the fact the he loved her
Or that her was with her
But that they could express their feelings openly

He asked,
You liked me, and I hurt you
Yet you do not hate me
And they said not to care
And I did not hurt them as much as I hurt you
Yet you don't hate me but they do

I said nothing, I said
It would hurt me more to hate you
But I really wanted to correct his sentence
He used in proper tense
He spoke in the past when it is really
The present!

I did not like you,
I never stopped liking you!

Never mind, I did like you
Now, I love you!

But what know I about love
I am only 17
True Love story
Feb 2015 · 303
The voice Feb 2015
What does it mean to be free
I mean truly free
Not the type where you have not chains on your hands
And call that freedom
Chains can be upon be
Without been able to be seen

Chains can and will take the form of
Liberty to trick you
So that you will not fight but be weak against the odds

Liberty is merely a wish
You can never be free in this world
You can never be safe and sound
From the tears and the cries of hatred
And simply by your own regrets
Feb 2015 · 393
The untold: A little boy
The voice Feb 2015
He walked up to his father
each step felt like a thousand miles he traveled
Each step got him closer to him
Each step was a victory against fear
against the doubts and question that would soon be answered
there he was. just one more step away

His father looked ahead at the distance
he was staring out in to the ocean
While a phone nearly touched his ears
The little boy felt his heart race faster than,
anything he had ever felt before
He was right there, right behind him

He was dropped of by a woman,
Was it his mother? it does not matter. not quite yet.
He wondered if his father was expecting him.
He wondered if his father wanted to see him.

He was standing there,
second after second felt like an eternity after another.
Each second that passed felt longer and longer every time.
He stretched out his hand.
He build up every bit of bravery he had and he did it.

He tapped his father to get his attention.
This moment in the little boy's mind played as if in slow motion.
He noticed the shiny black shoes on his fathers feet.
He noticed the dressing pants along with the matching suit.
And last, but simply not least,
He noticed the tie matching to the shirt.

His father slowly turned around.
He was looking out in the distance, thinking,
and calmly responding to the other line's question
He suddenly was distracted by his son.

He had a phone in hand, and he hung up,
He gave a small smile to the child
who wouldn't smile back unless he saw an Honest one.
His father smile yet once again,
then there it was forming on the boy's lips. a smile.
The little boy hugged him.

His father would never know how important
This moment would have been for the little boy
Because this was merely a dream still not come true,
of a little boy, a 21 year old,
in a cemetery staring down on the grave of his father.
Wishing his father would have hung up the phone
Instead of ignoring what could have been,
the beginning of a little boy's dream.  

Instead, the father
*Turned around abruptly, directed his finger
to tell the boy to wait a second,
and simply did not hang up the phone
He never hung up.
Story of many kids, It is not the talking on the phone, but the ignoring kids for answering the phone, or work, or duty, or whatever else there may be. When you decided to make the decision to have a mature relationship and know each other deeply, the most important thing in you life becomes your kids.
Feb 2015 · 628
The voice Feb 2015
I have faith,
That I will find my way, and walk the right path
I have faith,
That I will not walk through the tough moments alone
I have faith,
That you are watching over my every decision and step
I know that I am complete if I am with you!
Jan 2015 · 574
where i am from
The voice Jan 2015
I lay down in the pastures of the southern winds
I live seeing the skies of the northern stars
I close my eyes to the sparkles of the eastern twinkles
I stretch out my hands into the thorns of the western roses.

Would you be biased if you knew who I was?
Of course you would
Otherwise, you would be 1 out of whole population
Everyone has some type of bias
You simply cannot deny it!

Tell me,
have you ever looked at a young teenager
in the middle of the night, with a hoodie on
walking by the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets
with torn pants and old shoes,
with a bandana ******* in this hand,
and think, oh he must be a nice guy!

If you have, you are the nice guy,
free of corruption and free of stereotypes
at least just on that point.

Have you ever seen a pregnant young girl,
standing on the side of the street
looking like she is waiting for the bus,
with regular thrift-store clothes and some old purse
and said, "she has a bright future ahead of her"

Probably, I mean I depends on what you know.
A large percentage of pregnant 'girls',
actually live under what is bad conditions

On the other hand, Have you even seen a young handsome man
with a nice suit on, shirt that matches the tie
shoes brighter than the windows of the building he will enter
oh and the posture, the complexity of success
with a small pin from Harvard University on the right side worn with pride
And said "he must have lied, cheated and stolen to get there"

Maybe not, Maybe yes, maybe...
It depends on who you know and what you have done.
I depends on who provides you with information

Here is a much simpler situation

Have you ever passed by a neighborhood,
lets say, ****** houses, ****** backyards, ****** décor
in a nice car, with your windows wide open
with you arm resting on one of them while modeling the latest
model of the "magical watch" you just bought

I cannot see you doing that.
As much as you did not do it on purpose
it happened

That is the society we live in, it is not our fault
we came into this world loving all colors
but somehow the majority opinion weighed more than
YOUR opinion.

You cannot blame yourself for thinking,
as long as they do not leave your mind
you see, there is a difference, with thinking and saying
there is a difference between lying and staying quiet.

you think, and stay quiet, with things like this.
there is a moment to speak up,
but to them, with insults, is not the time

So stay quiet and don't insult the guy,
for going to the store late at night to get medicine for a sick mother,

Do not insult the young girl,
for being tricked and tossed away by the real villan

And do not look at the complexity of success
and put him over everyone,
for showing materialism!
Jan 2015 · 403
The voice Jan 2015
I have been meaning to write you a letter
but I cannot find the right words
I tried to begin with hello
But it simply felt to sudden
I tried dear, but dear who?

"Well, here goes,
Dear Mr. love of my life"

Yeah that was try number 100
and it gets worse after try number 1000

"estimated Mr. ..."
"Good day"
"I am" meee

How to I tell you what I feel
where do I start,
what words to use
to show the importance of my letter
What words to use
to show the love and need I have for you

"Dear you, " but then what next
"sincerely, me"?
I love you

Yes that is the beginning
"I love you"
I love you
"That phrase is a little overused,
simply because it is the easiest way to express
a feeling, a thought, a part of life"
Ok, there it is.
Once the first words are on the paper
the rest come as if following the leader..

"I bet it got your attention. I love you!
I love you"
But I love you is used tooo often

"I cannot let the words I Love You do the work alone
I love you with all my heart
all my soul
all my life!!!
All of my dreams are shared with you
All my fears are murdered by you
All of my future, has you in it"

Yup, there it goes. the words on the letter
the letter to my one love
my one love will forever be with me

"I know there are others, I know I am not the only one
but I prefer not to think about it,
I know you love me, I know I am yours"


"but only because you loved me first,
only because you saw me first
only because you held my hand
and led me through the darkness
and into the brightest light of your presence"

Oh how amazing your presence was

State the purpose:
"I write this letter to extend my admiration,
to thank-you for the times we have spend together,
to ask for your forgiveness when I wronged you,
to reach out to you as the only one,
the only one I could ever love and be loved my truly. "

State a reason, claim or preference:

" I want you too..." NO
"I need you too never let me go,
to fight by my side,
to never give you back to me,
to fight my pride, my anger, my hate,
to never make me forget who you are
to fight for us to be together always"

"I need you, I must have you,
I cannot see myself, living without you
I cannot imagine a life without you
I cannot find a path if you do not lead"

"I was lost, and now I am found."
"I was alone, and know I have you"
"I knew not love, and know I know you,
The way
The truth and
The life"

"I want nothing else but to be with you
I want nothing else but to love you
I want nothing else but I forever fight for you!"

"Lord, oh God, Savior, oh powerful lamb
take my hand, and take me
through the pain
through the tears,
through the rain
through the fears
I will walk beside you
all the way to heaven"

"I love you"

"These words are overused, that it why I say
I will love you, until the earth is no longer round
Until the sun looses its light,
until we are the only two in the entire universe
until the universe is gone
Until light no longer shines with you
until I die, live again, and die again!
I will love you, until the way I can no longer feel no more!
Until I am dry and no longer be able to be alive!!!
The way you have love me first!
Jan 2015 · 516
The voice Jan 2015
All laid down
Beside the light
Conquering the best
Dedicated only to the truth
Nothing else matters but the truth!
Nov 2014 · 585
short poem of grace
The voice Nov 2014
I took me time to realize
that in these battles I'm fighting,
I am not alone
It is hard to imagine
that these struggles are by grace
I can't help by wonder
where all of this came from
and how it got to me
Nov 2014 · 429
Time, tears, sacrifice
The voice Nov 2014
It takes time to understand
It takes tears to live by
It takes sacrifice to know how to value
It takes time to understand
That what you are fighting is bigger
And greater than what you thought it was
It takes tears to live by
Because tears are the healing,
And that are meant to be proud of
Not hidden.
It takes sacrifice to know how to value
Because when you love something or someone
You have to give up a big part of you,
to your love.
I thought I knew what this was
Until I met you
Time changed completely
2 seconds felt like an eternity without you
And an eternity was just 2 seconds with you
Tears flowed filling up oceans
Just with the thought of not having you
And I never thought how much I had
Until I saw myself sacrificing
Everything for you
You mean more to me than anything has
You sacrificed everything for me
So I will do the same for you!
Oh Lord, you are my king
And I will always love you
The voice Nov 2014
Aquel el dolor sigue presente, Logró marcar un precedente…
Y hoy, hoy sigues mal…
Aquel recuerdo esta en tu mente, Como si fuera ayer lo sientes…
Y hoy, hoy sigues mal…
Confiabas en el tiempo como aliado para sanar tus heridas…
Mientras vives encerrado en el recuerdo y no encuentras la salida…

Y te destruye como el veneno que gota a gota llena la tasa…
Y la amargura es como un trueno que estremece toda tu casa…
Y la venganza entro en acción pero aquí te presento el perdón…
"Porque el perdón es…"
Es más que un sentimiento, es más que una emoción
El tiempo no te ayuda, tuya es la de decisión…
Enfrenta ese tormento, y sal de esa prisión
Porque no fue tu culpa, otorga el perdón...

Aquello que pasó, aquel suceso duro te marcó
Pensaste que lo habías olvidado pero no
Que ya no te afectaba ni pasaba por tu mente
Pero volvió a afectarte y todavía está latente…

Desde aquel momento has continuado por la vida
Esperando que sea el tiempo el que sane las heridas
A veces lo has recordado y con nada de templanza
Haz pensando en la opción de acudir a la venganza…

Si, fue doloroso, no fue nada bueno
Pero el resentimiento es similar a un veneno
Que gota a gota tomas para no enfrentar la pena
Pero termina contigo te destruye y te envenena…

Como tóxico que acaba con el alma y corazón
Que te presenta el odio como una gran opción
Pero al final tú eres quien recibe la aflicción
Pues se enfermó tu cuerpo por la falta de perdón…

Y te destruye como el veneno que gota a gota llena la tasa…
Y la amargura es como un trueno que estremece toda tu casa…
Y la venganza entro en acción pero aquí te presento el perdón…
"Porque el perdón es…"
Es más que un sentimiento, es más que una emoción
El tiempo no te ayuda, tuya es la de decisión…
Enfrenta ese tormento, y sal de esa prisión
Porque no fue tu culpa, otorga el perdón...

Perdona y saca todo veneno guardado
Permite la salida del rencor acumulado
Perdona, reacciona y regresa al presente
Lo que pasó se fue ya no lo tengas pendiente
Quizás hayas pensado que no hay una razón
Que no fuiste culpable de lo de tu corazón…

Pero en ocasiones el perdón por algo trágico
Habrá que darlo aunque suene ilógico
Como aquel caballero que por ti fue mal herido
Tomando tu lugar te dio un regalo inmerecido…

No suena razonable tampoco apetecible
Pero te perdonó y hoy por eso tú eres libre
Y que mejor ejemplo que la vida de Jesús
Que no tenia que hacerlo; pero en una cruz
Llevó toda la culpa que agobió su corazón
Pero con todo y eso recibiste su perdón…

**Y te destruye como el veneno que gota a gota llena la tasa…
Y la amargura es como un trueno que estremece toda tu casa…
Y la venganza entro en acción pero aquí te presento el perdón…
"Porque el perdón es…"
Es más que un sentimiento, es más que una emoción
El tiempo no te ayuda, tuya es la de decisión…
Enfrenta ese tormento, y sal de esa prisión
Porque no fue tu culpa, otorga el perdón...
Song by Alex Zurdo, just thought that somethings are better shared. i cant stop listening to this! Love it. Forgive!
Nov 2014 · 363
Light Bright Love
The voice Nov 2014
The light shines*
Bright is the way
Love is the light
that makes the way bright
love hurts and lies
But oh dear love,
Stay by me because without you,
Sep 2014 · 315
run to me
The voice Sep 2014
What can I say in this moment?
Its really not like there are any words
That could make a difference now!
It not like there is anything I can do
To change the facts
The only one who can do something
so why don't you?
Why do you stand there
waiting for me
You know I am chained
you know that I m being held back
and you it clearly
Why are you letting someone else
look for the keys
why aren't you the one doing it
You know where they are
you know I belong to you
you made me
but he's the one that's looking
he's the one running,
and you?
why are you just standing there
I cant run to you
life I used to when I was learning how to walk
I can't defy the laws of a mother
like I used to when you both were together
and I admit I like him
I love him
he earned ever second
every smile
every inch of depth of my love
but I haven't given him all of it
because im saving a small piece for you
Please don't make me regret the time
I lost with him
trying to look for you!
He's here,
he has always been!
Where are you?
Where have you been?
Sep 2014 · 596
Wake up!
The voice Sep 2014
I want to wake up with the smell of freedom
A smell so pure it is incomparable
Something so unique in essence
It makes the world tremble
I want to wake up with the sight of Justice
An image as incredible is the impossible
Something that makes the clouds roar
I want to wake up with the sound of forgiveness
A rhythm with a unique complexity
Something that will make the flowers dance
I want to wake up to a taste of sweetness
Especially in the cooked meal
where the main ingredient is love,
Something so amazing it can make
all the other flavor jealous
I want to wake up with a touch of reality
A sense that is inexplicable
Something that can make softness
feel to harsh for the day
I want to wake up knowing
That I have lived a life
Grateful because all these senses
I have by grace and by mercy!
My Hope Is Tomorrow ill never this...
Happy Early Birthday to Me....
Sep 2014 · 371
The story of a friend!
The voice Sep 2014
She stuttered
But it was only for a moment
when she started telling her story
She was very afraid
but she wasn't always like that!
When i met her
she was confident
like no ther person could ever be
She told strong and unbreakable
She was someone who wasn't afraid
of saying what she taught
sure she didn't like to get rejected
but she always sai
Better to have tried and failed
than never to have tried at all
She is in inspiration even before
she told her story
and that moment was only 5 minutes of
who she was
She forgot to mention details
she didn't say any names
no relationships
who they were now.
Who would have imagined?
She saw so many things
a girl like her shouldn't see
But you would never know
on the contrary
you would think she was that way
for completely different reasons
She walked through the hallways
and even though she might feel afraid
she didn't care
she had mistakes
but she never let them control her
She told her story,
i heard it
She was afraid
and for the first time i noticed it
But i cant tell u her story
Because its her story,
She'll say when shes ready.
But you have to know how to listen,
cuz she's next to you
but even for you
it may be hard to listen
Eyes can be deceiving!
Aug 2014 · 751
Count on me!
The voice Aug 2014
♪♫♪ Just wanted to let you know
That we will always be together
In every new morning, you count on me
Every time you feel the storm hit
And during ever battle,
Never forget that I'm here
And now more than ever
It doesn't matter what the past has been
You made me smile
You made me laugh
You made me forget the times of struggle
And even though you have made mistakes
That will never define who you really are
I know you weren't born that way
And I don’t care who you think you have become
I know that moments get hard
But that will never my thinking
Because you
Have made me smile
Have made me laugh
Because you
Have made me forget the times of struggle ♪♫♪
Not finished yet!
Aug 2014 · 693
A puppet born again
The voice Aug 2014
She thought she could fight the strains
but somehow they still control her
she is a puppet
in front of the mastermind
thinking that the show is about her
but really, they laugh at her
rather than with her
She thought it was real
She looked around and saw
something she has never seen before
Fake smiles
Unreal emotions
But she wasn't going to stand there
and just watch the world laugh
She had lost the images
that she thought she had created
but in that moment of clarity
she saw something else.
She had been born again
She now had a new vision
She wasn't going to let anyone
make her be what she did not want to be
She was going to fight
Against everything
Sure she was scared
but she knew fear was an enemy
that she was going to have to defeat
Here is where the battle begins
This is not the end
but nearly the beginning of
a new life, a new vision
Aug 2014 · 638
The voice Aug 2014
In the Middle
Of the road waiting
Simply waiting for something
I guess I want to what that something is
But why just sit here and wait
When i can get up and fight
For what I believe in
Just keep Fighting
For justice
I will not
Give up
Aug 2014 · 782
The voice Aug 2014
I've been to many of them in the past
I've hidden behind some of them
And all have gave me smiles
and sad moments of departure
I admit that some days were lessons
of how to move on and work hard
That's what camp does right?
Not all camps do that!
There is a camp that taught me more
"Everytown, Everytown
Yellow Black White Red or Brown
It makes not difference when you come down"
I needed it and I got what I asked for
and much much more!
I called out to s hand stretched out
and I got it
A friendly face
and I got it
And a shoulder to cry on
And there was many to choose from
There were times when
Anger, Sadness, Stress, and anxiety
Showed up
but nothing stood in my way!
ALL I can say is that I left with
the power to change the world
And even if its interrupting
ONE hurtful remark
Ill do it!
But never again, will I let
Authority stand in my way to do what
I Know Is The Right Thing To Do
I recommended to teens, and adults.
There is nothing than the
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so!
The voice Aug 2014
I looked up to the sky and saw the stars
Each had a different glow
Each had its special way
And unexplainably:
Each had something that made it different
but sometimes you can only se that
through a microscope
When you look at it straight from the naked eye:
they all look the same way
And to the ignorant eye
they all look like simple dots
To me, even with the naked eye:
they look like sparkles
like diamonds in the sky
and sometimes I choose to hope
and to decide for my self
that they belong to me...
Each and everyone of those stars
Make me feel like something that matters
like an escape from reality
to a world where I'm in the sky
My name is Estrella Which means Star
And I fell like I belong there
sharing the huge sky with other stars
with other sparkles and diamonds
With other great people who have fought
for years, or months, or weeks, or even days.
but fighters, cuz in the end
everyone had their battles
and everyone belongs in their own world
of happiness and dreams
And no one is an exception
to a space with the stars...
Aug 2014 · 5.0k
The Voice!
The voice Aug 2014
Well I was afraid
but almost everyone already knows
I guess I was too afraid of nothing
They knew it was me
But they played along
Cuz they wanted me to feel safe
That's more than my family has ever done
"Love doesn't have to be anonymous"
And sometimes it is not
and those sometimes
are likely to be hurtful
That was the knowledge behind the words
Cuz I went up there anonymously
and express my words out to the crowd
My name wasn't Estrella
It was "The voice"
I had my voice shown
and no one cared about the flaws
on the contrary they heard me!
Completely Heard Me!
Just for the words I said
and not cuz they had to
They had my back against anyone
Anyone who didn't
I have never felt that way before...
No one stood there
and heard me that way
and knowing who I was
played along to protect me
Maybe that's the family I needed
The people I needed all this time....
But the most important thing
Was that he was proud of me
And that he inspired me to do it
He gave me the words
to express from my heart to my voice
I guess I felt special
He made me feels special
More than anyone else! ! !
He gave me the tittle of
thanx Everytown!
Aug 2014 · 373
The voice Aug 2014
I tried to see clearly
Before I left
I thought I was alone and the only one
But I found my self in a new world
I found people who shared their story
with someone like me
Someone they had barely met
An entire week felt like years
in in just 6 days they won me over
They became my family
I wasn't afraid to cry in their arms
I wasn't afraid to go out in to their world
and find a new vision
And each of them shared a small piece
of them selves with me.
Each person stood by me
and did not judge every tear that fell down
There were moments when I thought Id be gone
and moments when I fought against it
But to be real,
they didn't care about anything I've done
just about being there by my side, with me
I guess each of them showed me a part of me I didn't know
They showed me how to fight
and not be afraid to speak up
I got there scared to stand up
scared to take a step
but I came back with a voice
With the Voice!
"The voice"
Aug 2014 · 278
See the... Positive
The voice Aug 2014
I am afraid
I am exited
I am wounded
I am healed
I am new
I am different
I am many things
One of them IS NOT
Yes I've lost
but I have won
the experience
The bravery of the fear
The fun of the excitement
The lesson of the wounds
The hope of the healing
The discoveries of the new
The greatness of differences
But you can choose to see it this way
Or see the negative...
Aug 2014 · 454
no time for regrets
The voice Aug 2014
I have no time for regrets tonight
not that i want to go that far
But tonight
it is time for to let it go
i asked forgiveness
and now its time for me to forgive myself
we made mistakes!
we went far, but now ill let it behind me!
Jul 2014 · 251
i love you
The voice Jul 2014
My heart need of you to keep on going forward
My mind will never be the same
because it has your name in the center
My life has changed for the better
I cannot control this feeling
I simply love you!
Jul 2014 · 842
home and blood
The voice Jul 2014
The hard part was letting go
the easy part was looking at the awards
the letting go gave me strength
the looking at the awards gave me greed
the strength took me above heaven
the greed took me below hell
and heaven was my home
but i still had hell in my blood

put heaven before hell
let go without worrying
about the award!
Jul 2014 · 263
The voice Jul 2014
the lights go on and off
and then on again
but no, not the ones hanging on the ceiling
but the ones that come from within
ring ring
yes the phone just rang
ring ring
a little scared to answer
tell him, why don't you,
Why you were scared
tell him the reason for the mess
"yes, im fine"
sure lets keep up the lying
after all its the best way
"he left early to work"
oh please, not even you fall for that one
so you are mad,
just cuz he told you the truth
"he would never"
no, cuz he would always
tell him, you know he can help
more than you will let him
beep beep
that's the car outside
"um, i have to go"
sure you are worried now
there he is and what happens
if he sees you talking on the phone
with another man even if it is your own brother
beep beep
u know what happens when u keep him waiting
and its more than just a black eye
but its no longer just his fault
but yours for letting him!
a man should treat their woman like a fragile glass cup!
Jul 2014 · 609
The voice Jul 2014
"This is my ride
I got inside and fly
higher the skies
and even birds get jealous
I go under the deep waters
where sight is unseen
i am the light
i am the salt
that seasons the world
i am the liberty some can only dream of
i am bread that satisfies
I am water the flows alive
i am the shadow that guards you
and the security
that gives life for you
But i am also the prince of your story
The king of your dream
The one man who gives everything for a smile
I gave my throne and my crown
for you
SO that someday you would wear it
And i got a cross and a crown of throns
so that u could be with me once again... "
And so this is what the lord said one morning in july when i thought i was left alone. Cuz the best inpiration is him!!!
Jul 2014 · 818
Spanish letter to a friend!
The voice Jul 2014
Que dificil ha sido verte haci
Que dificil ha sido no poder ayudarte
no entiendo tu comportamiento
pero tampoco juzgo lo que haces.
Yo se que las cosas son dificiles para ti
Pero quien no ha sufrido tanto o mas que tu
Si tan solo me pudieras voltear a ver
Saber que necesito verte fuerte
Por favor entiende que las cosas no se pueden hacer asi
Los erores que se cometen hoy,
pueden volver a afectarte en el future
Cuanto tiempo fue,
el tu y yo sufrimos por el separamiento
porque quieres que alguien mas pase por lo mismo
tu deverias saber el dolor tu y yo,
tuvimos que sufrir.
Te pido que pongas en mi lugar
Te quiero y te respeto pero es por eso que
tengo que decirte que estas hacienda las cosas mal
Dios te llamo
para ser salvado
y no es justo que tu dejes eso por;
2 segundos de mentiras!!!!
We all make mistakes, this is a message to  friend. Matrimony is promise made to be kept for ever. No one has the right to get in between, because you never know if that may happen to you. respect your marriage vows and other's too!
Jul 2014 · 510
The voice Jul 2014
I don't understand our society nowadays
Sometimes including myself.
We have right of speech,
but sometimes we are too afraid to speak up
The government has said we are free to speak
about anything we want and we will no be punished
not in legal ways
And if there are millions talking about hate
about drugs, alcohol, smoking and other addictions
than why are we so afraid to speak up! \
about the truth
about life
about our salvation
about the only and absolute truth!!!
Because we are ashamed?
Because we care about the opinion of the world?
Because we are afraid of rejection?
Well Jesus was not ashamed of me
when we died on the cross
And Jesus spoke to the world about a new life
and he is sitting on a throne now
He was rejected by those he came to save
and still he lives in a kingdom now
As or those who crucified him
and rejected him
and the worlds that let him down
And the ones who shamed him
as well as the world today
that says their truths
and deny absolute truth
Hear this, you CAN be FORGIVEN....
Because that is who he died for
Sinners, like you and me,
and that is why he let a crown o jewels for a crown of thorns
Because of love.
I will no longer be afraid
I want to feel like the Lord as in
Hate the sin
but love the sinner
I shatter down the spirit
of divorce
and all the lies that lie among these
For the Lord is my savior!
May 2014 · 683
A song of love
The voice May 2014
I love the way you whisper in my ear,
With the wind,
a beautiful song of life
and that song sometimes sings to me
telling me that,
I can't sit around and wonder what it would be like
To have a different life
And its that song that make me think that,
I'd rather listen closely
To the song you put in my way
there is no thought in my mind
or in my heart
about the way you love me
and it is that love
that makes the best lyrics for a song
and the best lines for a poem
and the best melody for my heart.
I used to think that happy ending were fairy tales
and that a prince fight a dragon for me
But know I know
That no only did you fight a dragon for me
But you also left your throne of king
and you put at my feet mercy and grace
that's more than I could ever ask for
And that's more than I could ever need
you have sang to me, everyday
telling me that the sun shines
and the moon does to,
because you will never leave me in darkness
you sang to me and you've let me know
that even thought it may rain today
The sun will come out back tomorrow.
May 2014 · 314
The voice May 2014
Let this be the last time
You did this to me once
And to my friends many more times
I thought I could trust you
I thought that you were honest and sincere
That is why I told you
That is why My friends told you
I gave you the other cheek many times
And I let others pass
but do not hurt her
Do to me, anything
Hurt me again and again,
until my heart is numb of too much pain
But let her be.
She is not strong enough for that
And it is time you stop hurting others
Please, let me ask nicely
And rudely
You only let us know your opinion
by shouting it,
Let US be Happy!
Im sorry I you can't be
but that not her fault
that is not our fault.
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