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Nov 2012
Gauging the time on my ever ready
Timepiece, I would be vacant without it
Guessing the minutes that miss out
As the second hand moves smoothly
Locking onto with its demonstration powers
How to mark time successfully, second by
Second, a prelude to the minute minder
Merging in with the big guns, the 'On
The hour Brigade' of salutes and silences
Schedules and deadlines.  
           The chime
                  The clang
                         The beep
The moment to be woken from our sleep
It's a curse at 'times' (excuse the pun)
The engagements starting point and
Finale.  I wonder what time it is right now?  
Would we lose ourselves scurrying to find
Our 'timepiece'.  Do we pick up our redundancy
In favour of technological time and motion?
Even though the 'Wonder World' has not dreamt of....
And cannot conceivably equate.....powerful potent
Possibilities of fake time in an unknown spatial
Rhombus, conspiring recklessly to promote individual
Unreality; time spinning out the hour, through
The minutes, towards the last seconds.....
                                                             of our unreal lives
Laura Susan Smith
Written by
Laura Susan Smith  Warwickshire - England
(Warwickshire - England)   
   Timothy, ---, --- and Amy Irby
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