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Mar 2010
You call me an angel sent down to thee
I've secretly hated everyone... even me
My heart is cold my wings tainted
My life is filled with lies, painted
With a halo stained with hate
and wings of lust, perhaps it's fate?
Yet here you stand with loving eyes
Not fully seeing behind all lies
My heart is cold, my wings tainted
My lies are what made my world painted
I have no room for you
You know it's true
yet you stand there in a daze
as I stand before you with eyes a blaze
My wings are black with tips dyed red
This darkness you have long since dread
Yet even still you touched my soul
And now I see I am not yet whole
A piece is missing, long since gone
I fall to my knees and weep till dawn
These tears have not been shed for some time
Not since my etching pain was at it's prime
My heart was cold, wings tainted
Less lies are making my world painted
You wipe away my tear and smile down
I look up at you and don't make a sound
You melted my heart and saved my soul
And now I feel that I'm more whole
These wounds will never heal
I shall forever keep my life real
All because of some one who believed
now I can live my life relieved
(c) Lee Bauer. 2008-2010.
Written by
Lee Bauer
     Rosaline Moray and Lee Bauer
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