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May 2018
I stopped being a child so young
I want to go back to when I was born
Change some things I have done
So my mind is in peace with my soul

17 now just a kid
I do regret some things I did
Wished I could go back to my earlier stage of life
So I wouldn't have to deal with all of this at the same time

Growing up has been difficult for me
I'm not one of those rich kids
Who get what the want when they want
Well, that has never been the case for me

I have learned to work hard
Beat myself until I get what I want
Pay my bills, be mature
Enough to be on the streets for so long

Freedom is synonym for responsabilities
I learned that the hard way
When life slapped my cheeks
And told me I was a mess

Get up said life, you are not a kid anymore
I'm beating you like this
For you to be strong

Bad things will come, good things will too
Just remember when you are on the top
Everything you had to go through

Adversity makes you strong
And the challenges that come your way
You must beat them when they come
So they know you are stronger than them
Written by
MR  17/F/Santo Domingo
(17/F/Santo Domingo)   
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