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Mar 2010
your happy remembers you
i left the letter on your pillow so that you could read it
you don’t want to read it
you throw it away
you tell it that you are done with it
especially when the cat doesn’t come home
even a cat  remembers your happy

     and i remember your happy
when it came home in your smile
when it held your hand as you laughed
when it whispered in your dance
when it snuck into your room at night

your happy calls your celular phone
it will buzz on the kitchen counter
and i will remember how it helped you smell the grass
and how ants used to crawl up your nose
like pioneers
in search of new places
new territory
to divide and conquer

    your happy left a note on the front door
it used the clear tape from your desk
it must have stopped by while you were gone
when will you return?
and you say that you will never

    your happy is still looking for you
it sent a telegram to your car radio
it wants to sing in your breath
it wants to dance in your feet
it wants to tell you that it missed you

    i stopped at the home of your happy the other day
to tell it you were gone

    your happy remembers you
it remembers the smell of your hands
it remembers the feeling of your head on its chest
it remembers the sound of your hair in the wind
it remembers your toes on the pavement and your hand in the cats hair

    your happy will never say goodbye
even after you are gone
it will leave a message in your shoulders
it will tell you

    your happy remembers you
    your happy remembers you
Preston C Palmer
Written by
Preston C Palmer  Minneapolis, MN
(Minneapolis, MN)   
   Chimera melons
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