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Mar 2010
Winter and death
Are supposed to go hand in hand
Crumbling brown leaves
Scattered around barren trees
And the days evanesce
Colder, shorter, darker
But the snow brightens the night
Every vestige of light reflecting skyward

Winter is indicative of change
A monochrome contrast to fall
An ending of a year
But all that crosses my mind
Is me, you, a blanket and a fire

And what comforts me
Is the pillar of certainty
Amongst the chaos
It’s disturbing
How quickly things fade away
But what comforts me
Is that my Love for You never will

And every snow flake that falls
Reminds me of how I fell for You
And every darkened night
Your arms or Your voice will hold me tight
Every cold shudder
Will be met with Your warming touch

And what comforts me.
Is Your Pillar of Certainty
Written by
Alexander S
   Hope Nicholson
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