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Alexander S Aug 2010
I often exist
In woken dreams
Creating things
I'll never see

Living lives
That are only myths
Ignoring what
I'm living with

Tis better in
The fantasies
Reality's just
A broken dream
Alexander S Aug 2010
Touch me with your lips
Your desolate caresses
Bring silence
To my world

Build a utopia
With the lascivious
Flicks of your tongue
Whisper in my year
Things you'd never
Look me in the eyes
And say

Undress me with a gaze
Then meld fantasy with life
Wander and linger
Your fingertips
As you please
Alexander S Aug 2010
Standing before a cleaved road
Pondering the choice ahead
Trying to decide to forge a patch with you
Or to wander alone instead

Trying to solve the conflict
That sits within me now
Thinking about the things
I should have already figured out

It seems to make some sense
You and I together
But if I fall right now
I want to fall forever.
Alexander S Jun 2010
One of the things I Love
Is your kiss
Alluring, sweet,
Yet powerful.
Fiery, aggressive,
You kiss like You mean it

And even when it’s over
It’s not
You left something
An imprint
An impression
Of Yourself on me

You could knock me unconscious
You could stop my heart…
And start it up again
You could make every other moment
Simply slip away
With a kiss like that.
Alexander S Jun 2010
Distance means nothing
I can still feel year heart beat
As though you were lying next to me

Distance doesn’t change a thing
You’re still the love of my life
Still the only one for me

My heart will always be in the palm of your hand
Hold it gently.  I’ll see it again soon.
Alexander S Jun 2010
I Love You More
Sorry, it’s true
And I simply Love
Proving it to You

I Love You Stronger
Just understand
I’ll always remember
When I first took Your hand

I Love You Sweeter
Sorry, it’s a fact
And I never knew
I could Love like that
Alexander S May 2010
I want this song played
When I dance with you
On a lonely floor.
Dressed all in white.
Just as I lift your veil.
Just as I meet your eyes.
Just as I kiss you.
I want that chorus to start.
Like it did when I fell in love.

“Cause every time we touch,
I get this feeling,
And every time we kiss,
I swear I can fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last,
I need you by my side.
'Cause every time we touch,
I feel the static,
And every time we kiss,
I reach for the sky.
Can't you hear my heart beat so?
I can't let you go,
I want you in my life.”
I love that song, and it was the first time I knew I loved her.
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