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Oct 2012
dear, the truth is, i really dont give a **** what you think, or say anymore.
i'll swallow my pills and i'll try to be happy.
you used to be the thing that made me happy.
but you were lieing the entire ******* time,
to my face, i was your best friend, behind my back, i was just another try hard **** that you couldnt give two ***** about.
you're calling me hypocritical, but look at yourelf dear, look at what you're doing.
you ate my heart out, whilst i gave you my soul.
you were my everything, my reason to breathe.
but now those memories dont mean ****, you ****** up.
you have no idea what those 'friends' ofc yours say behind your twisted back.
i know i'm utterly ******* myself up, but atleast i'm not doing it to impress people.
i have my reasons, things have become more ****** up then you could believe.
so breathe, because thats what you expect us to do.
Little Wing
Written by
Little Wing
   Weeping willow
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