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Apr 2018
I've been reaching.
Searching for that hidden truth.
Do you love me?
Do you even care?
The cold rain mixes with my warm tears,
as I stand on the street corner where we once met.
Thunder rolls overhead, as people in a parade of colored umbrellas curiously stare through me, wondering what lies within my soul to leave me thoughtlessly defenseless against the pouring rain.
Maybe I just wish to drown here?
To become a martyr of your love.
To be washed away never heard from again.
The thought of you races through my mind trapped,
as my heart breaks.
Contemplating never seeing you again.
Oh! How I just wish to breath your spirit once again.
To touch your heart feeling its passionate beat.
To bow to you in self defeat.
To enter you and become your soul.
Oh! It's just so cold in this pouring rain.
I scream out your name in excruciating pain.
Come back my love!
I need you to survive.
I need you to exist in joyfulness.
I need you; for I cannot survive without love.
And you!....Are all I can ever love.
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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