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Mar 2018
Keeping dry eyes,
And hiding to cry
Wearing long sleeves,
Leaving the blood there to dry
Knowing how to feel better,
But not willing to try
This is the epitome of many peoples' lives

Breaking your heart,
Just to keep others' whole
Keep going on,
When you can't handle anymore
Pushing yourself,
But you already know
You need help,
With nowhere to go

Not loving yourself,
But smiling through
Feeling so hopeless,
Like nobody loves you
Dying inside,
But still pushing through
Counting your breath,
Wishing to be someone new

Anxiety and Depression
Take hold of your mind
Your life feeling like
It's falling apart
You want to feel better
But don't know how to start
So you take all your medication
Trying to finally stop your heart

In the hospital room,
Waking up after days
Family crying,
Telling you you're okay
But you know you're not
Okay in any way
You still feel as though
You're wasting away

They put you in therapy
To have you start "healing"
You get put on medications
To take the edge off of what your feeling
They call it the road to recovery,
Learning again how to be a happy human being

I know it takes so long
And the journey is tough
But you meet people along the way
Who have also had it rough
You learn you're not alone
And you're on your way up
Just know there are people there for you
Forever, no matter what
Glayz Welch
Written by
Glayz Welch  Oregon
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