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Oct 2012
How naive of me.
So typical.
Not surprising.
Why do I bother with you?
You’ve changed.
You’re different.
You will never be the same person
I fell in love with in my childish years.
It didn’t even last a year.
We didn’t even know each other for a year!
We don’t even know each other still.
I am still obsessed.
What’s wrong with my MIND!?
You said you love me.
But, if you loved me,
Why would you crush this heart of mine?
Or was it your plan?
To keep me addicted?
To keep me coming back?
Do you only keep in touch
To find out if my feelings for you are still the same?
I try to ask.
Alas, you have no answers.
You keep me on this cliff hanger of love and obsession!
How evil of you.
How sick of you.
Do I want you to tell me
You love me no longer?
Or am I afraid to hear those words?
My gut tells me you do.
My head tells me to forget.
I have someone new.
Someone better than you.
Why am I so stuck on you then?
Can I please get back what I gave before?
I trust you with it, no longer.
Can I please get back what I gave you?
My bruised, shattered ******* HEART!
Jessica Heagy
Written by
Jessica Heagy
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