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Sep 2012
There's a little bird
living inside her.
It's rich red
like blood,
or a rose.
And has blue tipped wings
Like veins,
or the berries in a blueberry muffin.
She keeps it in a cage
under her heavy jacket
and feeds it
little sweets
and bits of food.
The bird lives
a dull life.
It doesn't do much
inside of its cage,
it just swings
on the squeaky bar
hung from the top
of its chamber.
It doesn't sing a song,
or even
lift it's wings.
It just swings
back and forth
to a
there is a handsome boy
who talks to the young
beautiful girl.
And every time
he comes close to her
the red bird in the cage
starts to jump around
on the walls of the cell
and chirp to the girl
Let me out.
She is shy though,
small and timid
when the boy comes close.
But the way he flips his
chestnut colored hair,
makes the bird flap its wings.
The way he walks
down the hall towards
the girl
makes the bird
scratch at the bottom
trying to find a way out.
The way his blue eyes shine
as they gaze at her
when he stands by her side,
makes the bird sing
through the cage's walls,
up the girl's collar,
out of her lips,
as a beautiful song
that she whispers
*"I love you."
Emelia Ruth
Written by
Emelia Ruth
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