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Feb 2018

Why do we find ourselves lost and in question,
We seem to walk around the world like a bunch of hollow minded pedestrians.
So enamored with the constant distraction, that keeps our minds from seeking positive action.
Don't dwell on the failure of your plan, for it will only garner constant un satisfaction.
We are so consumed with the lives of each other,
that we forget what it means to live in this uncontrolled world of a clutter.
Be polite, "PLEASE, pass the butter",
Pass on the lessons of life don't be a gunner and take every shot,
Don't you see we need to help, we live in a melting ***.
Why does it matter? You ask? Because we all struggle at a certain task.
Extend that hand to your brother or sister, give thanks to that role model that you still call "mister".
Detached to humanity is what it feels like,
Grab someone and pull them and ask them, "would you come with me and fly this kite?"
Written by
Firebuns9  28/M
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