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Sep 2012
Walking through the dark pits of my thoughts, as I left the door open wide
To get rid of my pride
And find space for my conscious that has been left alone
As the tribal songs of my ancestors never changed a tone
Songs and chants that make us reflect upon our lives and our being
Songs that will let you listen to the emotion of what you're seeing
Listening to my empty life, trying to fill it with laughs and cries
But laughs and cries will not suffice
My heart feels my surroundings as they become a part of me
A part of my life, a part of my existency
My mind darkens with sunset, and beholds it's shine by morning
Everybody thinks that I'm content, but inside me I'm mourning
Mourning over my dead past
Over stages of my life that had to last
Mourning over harsh endings yet to come
Mourning over some and some
Life pressures you into a state till you become like water
So flexible, and forced to take the shape of your container
A container called society, till it darkens and freezes
Till nothing can move you like winds or breezes
Till you become cold as ice, because life has been cold to you
Till you become harsh inside, but whatever you do
You are still see-through
A fury of a thousand ages, dormant in your soul
A fury of a thousand more
A fury of a thousand more
Breaks my heart to hear the screams of the innocent, breaks my heart indeed
But my soul has to be fed, in order for me to feed
Broken wings never fly the outcome of my work
Thus for that I will never try, but I'll always have that smirk…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
   Danielle Rose and Claudia Tara
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