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Sep 2012
It’s like spreading your arms in hopes of flight –
Catching the wind and holding it just right…
Every subtle gust grasping your body like a sail,
Winning the battle against gravity without fail,
Fighting through the impossibilities, the improbable,
And entering the realm of weightless freedom - unstoppable…
Soaring above the clouds of an orange sky,
On passed the day and into the night we fly –
From here to the moon and beyond the stars,
Floating through the cosmos - leaving the world afar…
Gliding passed this adventure like an epic dream,
Not bound to conventional rationality, or so it may seem…
We find each other dancing amongst the clouds,
Circumnavigating the universe like gods, reckless and proud –
Revelations of astronomic proportions are manifested…
Escalating our feelings, as we now become more invested,
An Armageddon of emotion, epically destroying the world; vying,
For your love – for my Darling, your love? Well, it’s like flying.
Wrote this for Amber, she is my ray of light.
Nick Durbin
Written by
Nick Durbin  Ohio
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