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Jan 2018
I know happiness because I have shared the bed with Mr.McSorrow, and gave birth to ‘little anxiety’, who grew up to be Mr. Panic.
Panic, he shakes his sweaty hand every morning, but when he was the ‘Little Anxy’, he played in the park alone..may be some day with the ‘Kid Lonely’..
Like his Daddy ‘Mr. McSorrow’, he knew how to run and hide, but never learnt well enough, to cry when under the bed..not a sign from his mother, you would recon..

I know Mr. Happiness, this is why I know him, because he is that guy who I bumped into at the condiment aisle..
Met him at the condiment aisle, because I’m ‘Mrs. Wimpy’, who is right playing ‘Ms. Smiles’..
Ms. Smiles is special, she is an alter of Mrs. Wimpy who avoids crying, and in the condiment aisle, she lurks..
Lurks there long to meet new men like Mr. Adventure and Mr. Music.. oh! Also, Mr. TapDance....he’s the best one, you see !

So today, it’s Mr. Happiness himself..
And we all know Mr. Happiness and Ms. Smiles are meant to be..
Malvika N Hasrajani
Written by
Malvika N Hasrajani  24/F/India
     ---, Àŧùl and ---
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