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Jan 2018
It is at...
The midnight -ocean-walk, I find you WAITING THERE FOR ME
With the wind caressing the waves, and the sand mingling on my feet.

She searches.
She finds her love, so softly and gently He speaks a word.
Their shadows dance, and flicker to the crackling of the bonfire.
Her breath goes warm, his hands reunite their bodies ......
Only under the witnessing stars, can this love come alive, in quietness and stillness,
The twinned souls meet .........
and as one , they coalesced.
And for a little time nothing can separate the two, but only the oceans, that come in between.

The secrets of their love are folded in between the waves
Which carry away the soft whispers of the ones whose hearts beat the same.
This love, their confessed love, is forever hidden in the sand;
Only to beΒ Β ignited again, when the next sunlight fades.
Betrayed by the sky, who takes this love away,
And the sight of dawn is seen.
Their hearts beat quickly, for they know after midnight leaves, and the fire goes out,
So to, will their love be carried off, by the waking of this dream.

But I know,
As the ocean continues to kiss the shoreline, the secrets of our love will forever be
Right there with you, WAITING THERE FOR ME...
Sherryann Phillip
Written by
Sherryann Phillip  37/F/Canada
       Lori Jones McCaffery, Lior Gavra, BWriter and ---
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