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Jan 2018
A day with my brother and sister
A day with my brother and sister on a new year Eve  was awesome,
It just made my day blossom,
I felt that it was just colossal,
I gained all the smiles that for a span I had forgotten,
Not as bad as eating an egg which was rotten ,
I felt I was down the streets and lanes with them in Boston ,
Took a hault at the hotel named Dawson,
A smooth flow of water just followed my day from the faucet,
Though those fun breaks we took from sweet music playing from the cassette,
I wove those smiles by taking a needle and a croquette,
It was through a straight single need tube and my sister claimed that as clarinet,
And my brother like a disciple recited it all the way like a parrot and I thought I should beat him with a carrot,
With them I travelled almost all around and that too in a chariot ,
The time flew and the day passed as fast as dancing with them in tunes of ballet ,
They made it special to set of for 2018 ,
The year for progress like every year I shall be hoping ,
Giving my siblings morals of their life as the world is just a bit ahead but still is watching,
The joys of gift I will be gifting
Rushing down the time I shall be spending just for bit of this bliss,
And not make make my brain a ram, hardware or software disk,
And waiting for taking those  chances of those risks and ******,
Also travelling on those bricks,
Blood will flow through my throat as I sip,
But no one knows when the life shall rip,
Or blow you off like beep ,
Turn your happiness into a deep sleep,
And for now I shall reap,
With my siblings blessings and  needs,
Leaving. Behind the world that wants me to creep ,
But for now I ain't alone to be a burden or heap
             Vishvi Aurora
Happy new year
Written by
Vishvi Aurora  16/F/India
   Cadence and Γ€Ε§ΓΉl
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