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Aug 2012
Those eyes played with your mind
they made you crazy and at that
sensual place they took you

Those eyes made your floor move
they made you hers and only hers

A cloud filled with smoke, alcohol
pouring like rain on your body
You get soaking wet and things
keep getting naughty

You felt her eyes seducing you
She catches you with her eyes
and drags you with her paws

She is someone that you'll like to
flirt with and I bet she will
take all of your friends too

I try to change her but I can't reach her
So it's me she's hypnotizing when she's
moving her body on the dance floor

I'm so hypnotized by her, she got me tamed
Eating out of her hands because i can't reach her
She passes, catches and dances but
still things keep going backwards

I'll do anything for some hugs and kisses
Nothing compromising, she's just a teaser
A crazy note that I can't reject

Those eyes they got you hypnotized
and straight to the star in the sky
they took you
Those sinner eyes that made your
temptation rise
They made you hers and only hers
Written by
A Oduber
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