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A Oduber Jan 2014
Time will tell
Time will tell.
Time will tell..
Time will tell…

Like someone who suffers from OCD
I have to remind myself everytime that …
Time will tell!…*

Whenever you show up in my dreams you kiss me…
And in reality I try not to fantasize about it when you are near me

Your smell, Your hair, Your smile, Your skin..
Your eyes, they make my temptation rise

In my dreams I can hear the clock ticking.
.Tik tik tik tik…
I wonder, how long are you willing to wait..

In the morning you make me smile
At night I miss you by my side

All I want is a kiss from your lips,
hold them like paperclips

Grab you by your waist and send you to space

I have all these imaginations in my head and they
haunt me every night when I go to bed

A Oduber Sep 2012
I want to count to three
& have you infront of me

Waste no minute. . .

Kiss you from top to toe
that's where I want
to get low. .

Hold your breath
and just relax,
Feel my tongue
it feels so strong

Grab my head and
I'll hold your back

Feel the vibe its kinda nice,
Make that face that will
send me to space

Make it last like there
will be no past

Feel it,
Moan it slowly
& this will end up nice
for surely
A Oduber Sep 2012
Hold her tight
Grab her head & smell her
sensitve neck

Tease her with my tongue
all night long. .

Nib her with my lips,
Bite her with my fangs
Drink her up and
feed her my blood

Hear her moan so soft
like we just made love. .

A Oduber Aug 2012
ten.....Is this the end?..

nine......I still have you on my mind..

eight.......Why was I so late?..

seven.....You wanna choose between hell & heaven?..

six.......I wish for your lips..

five.......Is it because I'm not a guy?..

four........I left wanting more..

three...........With you my mind is free..

two......All i want is to be with you...


....I can't believe you're gone...
A Oduber Aug 2012
Those eyes played with your mind
they made you crazy and at that
sensual place they took you

Those eyes made your floor move
they made you hers and only hers

A cloud filled with smoke, alcohol
pouring like rain on your body
You get soaking wet and things
keep getting naughty

You felt her eyes seducing you
She catches you with her eyes
and drags you with her paws

She is someone that you'll like to
flirt with and I bet she will
take all of your friends too

I try to change her but I can't reach her
So it's me she's hypnotizing when she's
moving her body on the dance floor

I'm so hypnotized by her, she got me tamed
Eating out of her hands because i can't reach her
She passes, catches and dances but
still things keep going backwards

I'll do anything for some hugs and kisses
Nothing compromising, she's just a teaser
A crazy note that I can't reject

Those eyes they got you hypnotized
and straight to the star in the sky
they took you
Those sinner eyes that made your
temptation rise
They made you hers and only hers
A Oduber Aug 2012
See within my eyes…

So many words in your thoughts,
but yet all of them seems lost
So many tears in your eyes,
but none of it seems to fall
So much pain inside,
but nothing really hurts
So much anger in your body,
but still you are the one
smiling with everybody

They come, they go
They hurt then they don’t
I cry when you smile,
You smile when I cry
I want to fly, but I have no wings
I want to stay but it would be a mistake

I'm trapped in my own consciousness
A Oduber Aug 2012
That one scent of smell that  
reminds me of your bed

It reminds me of the good
times we had, when we
spend the whole day inside
with a bottle of wine by our side

As we are ready to go to bed
I take you by your hand and
Forever by you I'll stand

Soon we will see the moon. .
The moon that reminds you
that tonight I'll be your spoon

Capturing my dreams with you
sleeping in my arms
Feels like conquering the universe
with you holding my hand

I am capable of anything I want
as long as I have you in my heart
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