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Dec 2017
I couldn't tell anyone.

No one would believe me.

No one would understand.

Who could I trust?

Who could I turn to?

My hands shake.

My fingers twitch.

I stutter.

I can't make full sentences.

I avoid eye contact.

I hide in the corner.

Wanting to speak.

Wanting to tell someone,


But I can't.

Please listen.

Please try to understand.

I didn't ask for it.

And i didn't want it to happen.

But he did.

He wanted it oh so bad.

And he got what he wanted.

My innocence,

My happiness,

My virginity.

You don't believe me either do you?

This is why I don't open up.

No one believes anything,

anything I have to say.

I just wanted help.

I just wanted to be okay.

After trying to find a way out,

I was lost.

No friends.

No one to turn to.

They didn't believe me.

They got me sent away.

I've changed since then.

I'm worse now.





I want you to know I'm fine.

I'll be fine.

You don't need to worry.

I'll be fine.
Alexandra Meelan
Written by
Alexandra Meelan  19/F
     --- and Carson Alexander Defelice
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