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Dec 2017
I am a scientist
I am a woman
Sometimes I feel like one over the other
It’s so much easier for me to be **** for you than it is to be smart
You could see me make the long draws and pauses with the press of my lips in the light of a projector
Or you could see my lips become one with you
Tick tock tick tock
Such little time to find who you are inside
I have the arms that come from the walls and shush me and mock me and pin me down and remind me what I really am
And then the song I’ve been meant to sing tells me differently

But in the flash I quickly turn from what was flesh into something with meaning and purpose and that’s nice and all but after a night of listening to you bellow about all of that science **** I’d just like to see you on my bed
Where’s those **** pics?
Where’s my invitation?
Where’s that pretty little smile?

Who asked you?

When did toppling down the mountain that is woman become such a sport to the hungry lions circling the den?

You can be smart but you can’t be ****,
And you can be **** but you definitely can’t be smart.
There’s this never ending cycle with the click of a flash and there I am in all my glory back to the arms in the walls pushing me and prodding me and beckoning me with their ***** fingernails.

I am a scientist,
A woman.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
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