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Dec 2017
do you ever think about the small instances
where you’ve made choices
unknowingly, out of haste
and maybe if you haven’t,
things would have been very different?

if i have chosen to stay where i was
seated and crying for a broken bond,
would you have found me?
would you have stood up and looked at me
like you’ve been searching for a long time?

if your friends didn’t call for me
seated, dazed from an earlier kiss
would we have separated without even touching again
nor meeting each other’s eyes?

i can’t seem to recall your face, do you know?
it always leaves my mind.
if it’s the alcohol
or my heart building walls,
i wouldn’t want to know,
i wouldn’t want to break my heart another time.

until when will you hang around?
everyone leaves after a while
can we have some more fun
before you’re completely gone?
i am definitely not made for the modern culture of hook-ups
Written by
shyrill  20/PH
     Xallan, glassea, Ilion gray and stéphane noir
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