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Mar 2010
He Remembers

The breeze blows the curls that frame her face
He watches from a distance
Notices her fingers brush the gentle wisps out of her eyes
He remembers her touch

The waves crash against the rocks
He remembers her voice
Her face turns up towards the sun
He remembers the softness of her skin

She pulls a flower to her face
He remembers the beauty of her body
The smile covers her face
He remembers the spirit of her embrace

She tucks the flower behind her ear
He remembers she never shows fear
She rises gracefully
He remembers her body beneath his

She walks towards the ocean

He remembers glimpsing just a touch of her soul
She picks something up off the sand
He remembers her tender heart

She looks out over the sea
He remembers her laughing softly

She walks into the crashing waves

He remembers how easily she hurts
The waves crash upon her
He remembers the harshness of his words
She suddenly is covered by the sea

He remembers the tears that he caused
She lets go for she remembers what she has done
He remembers what he has done
She welcomes the water to spin her into darkness

He remembers the anger he felt
She feels the life ****** out of her
He remembers her plead for forgiveness

She feels the release as she dies

He remembers he could not forgive
She is pulled from the water by another
He remembers the love he felt
She is covered with a blanket

He remembers the soul she gave
She is turned on her side
He remembers her at his feet

She is lifeless

He stops remembering
He runs to her
Her body is so still

He breathes his life into her
She continues to be lifeless

He yells at her to live
She had given all she could give

He breathes his very soul into her lungs

She hears him faintly through the daze

He begs her to return
She feels so welcomed in this darkness

He tells her he is sorry for his harshness
The sea sputters out of her mouth
He pulls her close

She lives by the breath of his soul to hers

Written By Niyahlove All rights reserved
Jennifer Humphrey
Written by
Jennifer Humphrey  Virginia
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