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Nov 2017
Now im back
back in this hole she put me in
and she thinks that its all my fault
but i promise i wont let her
let her push me out of my friends lives
and she sais i made her feel worthless
that i go around telling
telling everybody that she broke my heart
well good
because its all her fault
and now she thinks
thinks im talking behind her back
and she calls me names
and talks behind my back now
and now she hates me
and i love her
and its sad
but she sais that shell **** me
that she will get me
but i say guess what
id probably put a gun in my mouth before
before she could even touch me
and i hate it though
i hate that i love her
because she continues
continues to torture me
but i wont let her destroy me again
ill be happy when i get out
now and then
ill be happy
now were back to the begining
its just a feeling
and no one knows yet
but just because they cant feel it to
doesnt mean that you have to forget
pick a star on the dark horrizon and
follow the light
but i promise
i swear ill be happy again
credit to regina spektor...... ;)
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
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