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Aug 2012
Where have you gone?
I know you were here.
I felt your breath on my face
Heard your voice in my ear

You spoke so softly
I couldn't understand
I tried to stop breathing
And felt the touch of your hand

I kept my eyes closed
Afraid if I moved
You'd leave me again
Alone in this room

I make no noise
As you whisper again
Straining my ears
To just comprehend

"Darling, I'm here now,
so, sleep, my love, sleep.
I've missed you so much, dear
but awake you can't keep."

No! Please don't leave me!
I beg as tears fall
I feel your lips on my cheek
... What I've missed most of all

"I love you." You promise.
Your final goodbye
The room now is silent
So I open my eyes

Nothing but darkness
You're no longer with me
So I drift off to sleep
Hoping you'll be in my dreams
Lexiconical Quinn
Written by
Lexiconical Quinn  Fort Collins
(Fort Collins)   
   Makana Queja and Ahmad Cox
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