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Nov 2017
Where has our love gone?

Possibly under the sea
across the ocean
in another country
under different city lights
in between the cracks
of all the side streets
I've trudged along
without you by my side?

I think I lost its warmth
under the chill of another
winter's night
without your embrace,
or I might have dropped it
twelve feet below
while climbing all the mountains
ahead of me.

Or maybe
it slid off my wrist
while I was caught
by the sunrises
and sunsets
I've never been able to
witness with you.

it's slipped through my fingers
falling victim to familiarity
failing terribly at sincerity
forgetting every piece of validity
leaving both of us with
nothing but pity

Because we are ourselves
more than we are each others
and I have memorized
the ocean floor
and the city lights
and the aimless fights
more than I can remember
what our love looked like.

Written by
gd  Canada
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