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Nov 2017
I start to realize,
I go about things all wrong
(Pardon my musings)
But in my music
I will be strong.

Question my reasons,
(Oh Question my all.)
So full of questions
Cause all my answers
seem to be so wrong

"Try for a moment,
Hear what I have to say
My heart pleas-

"Cry just to show it,
I care in so many ways

Back again on the road,

while my heart sounds

Cruising on empty,
no plans to slow down

Where am I headed?
I'm stuck in my head

No room to go back,

no time to relapse.

Where am I headed?
stuck in my head
And I can't lie,
And I can't hide.

How do I embrace the change?

Speak the truth that's in my name?
The need for change, the blinding kind of pride
Lane Bohman
Written by
Lane Bohman  St.Cloud
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