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Jul 2012
somewhere between past and pleasure is a place of glory
a true adventure of a story
not a quick read but it won't get boring

take some time to unwind your mind and calm your heart
for the battle of the ages has written your part
it's up to you when the magick will start

a gentle push or a giant leap
whichever you choose will knock them off their feet

your spirit shines brighter than silver or gold
the power you seek
you already hold
you need not look farther than your very soul

in such a short time we've come leaps and bounds
mastered the art of living renowned
it's all in the sound

an elemental key
the music will set you free
orchestrated in pure harmony

listen not with your ears
feel the pulse in your veins
how it wakes you up
makes you feel sane
let the vibrations soothe your brain

don't hold back
release your fears
think of what you've accomplished in all your years
be strong
stronger than tears

fight to win
to overcome your sins
the ways of the new world are set to begin

so let us rise up and stand tall
in the face of danger we laugh at them all
as we watch their corrupted empire fall

and in its place comes a beautiful sight
a guiding light
shining brighter than bright

a fire of hope in this dark cold world
burning love into the young and the old
a star has been born
in him our victory will hold
(dedicated to my son
Aden Tyler
born 30. dec 11)

24. jan 12
medford or
Earth Shine
Written by
Earth Shine  423.
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