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Jan 2018
I am less and sentimental
Beginning strong and thinly gentle
I’ve kissed your scars, your knees, your dimples
You’ve fed me full; a fine utensil

I’m nothing more than interested
We’ve danced and fallen fully crested
Raised the babies wrenched and reckless
Fought to failure better bested

I am older, slower, pacing
For you all catching’s in the chasing
So run and slip and end embracing
We love in pen with no erasing

I am carefree castle building
Laid the floors and traced the ceilings
Kingdom come, thy done be willing
Our little deaths brought many healing

I am fixed in longing after
Found all my calling gazing at her
Dreamed of onyx, pearl and jasper
All pale in lives so set in laughter

I am, with you, all conceited
Our hearts entangled undefeated
Whispered, screamed, washed, repeated
We made all of love, and all was needed
This is my favorite poem about us.
Thomas James Hogan
Written by
Thomas James Hogan
   Carlo C Gomez
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