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Sep 2017
I miss you
I want you
I need you
I know what I'm good at
I know how to touch you
I know how to tease you
We have been together countless times
I could please you in the dark with my hands tied
But you don't want me anymore
Yet I still try
So I pulled some tricks and I saw another side
Gone was gentle
Gone was sweet
I saw your darkness and it made me cry
You take off yours clothes
Is this what you want?
In my head I'm terrified
What have I done
I just wanted to feel you one more time
But not like this
This isn't you
Your lips once soft are crushing me
Your eyes once filled with desire are burning an angry fire
Your hands once exploring are pushing and pulling me
I can't stop you
I miss you but this isn't you
I want you but your not here
I need you but this isn't fair
Your a stranger and you don't seem to care
Written by
Marie  34/F/Ohio
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