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Jun 2012
Half circle waves crash into themselves on the shore
wipes the slate clean as they rush back to the deep
Where Amphithrite cradles them to her breast
and collects the imprints of lover’s footprints
before she sends them out again

If I jump ship and the tide draws me close to your heart,
will you keep me safe in the circle of your arms
Will you extinguish the lighthouse’s glow
so the pirates can run aground on jagged rock
buried in a sailors grave where no roses grow

When all is done and the storm has gone
will you walk with me on the shore my love
close to the clean slate of the water’s edge
Where the the waves can collect our footprints
and carry them to Amphithrite’s breast
Amphithrite is the Goddess queen of the Sea, Poseidon’s wife from Greek mythology.
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