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Jun 2012
I'm just gonna be real

And tell you exactly how I feel

This life has been a steal

And so there's not a single emotion I conceal

I mean, what's the deal?

I watch as my friends turn into slippery eels

More and more I being to see what is and what's fake

It's almost more than I can take

When I look to those I love for a break

They just remind me that life is not a piece of cake

It does nothing to help my heart that aches

I feel a sense of despair

I have been betrayed and regarded as thin air

I look for Christ in those who claim to know Him well

And yet it is an act they simply cannot sell

Every piece of my soul moves to yell

It is an act they simply cannot sell

In those I once placed my trust

I now feel regarded with disgust

The world has many things to offer

But one thing it lacks is satisfaction

It scoffs and scorns our every action

All the while giving a false sense of traction

By my friends I have been forsaken

What is this foul path they have taken?

I looked for Christ in those I love

But found Christ only comes from above

It is for the King alone that I will sing

For He surpasses everything

To the King these troubles I will bring

For He alone brings peace to everything

Hope in the world is a hope that is lost

Hope in the King is a hope without cost

I looked for Christ in those I love

But instead found Christ waiting with open arms above

The world will disappoint

But Christ will anoint

I cherish those who seem not to cherish me

Christ cherishes beyond what I can see

I looked for Christ in those I love

But only truly found Christ in the hope above.
Isaac Golle
Written by
Isaac Golle
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