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Aug 2017
I might have been twenty
when I had this thought.
Good family, material ease -
she really should
snap out of it.

This was before
I'd ever stumbled
into fruitless darkness,
when mood and circumstance
seemed one and the same.

I thought myself magnanimous
when rather than judging
I rationalised.
"Perhaps we're hard wired
to seek problems to solve,"
I pondered,
"so where there are none,
we create them."

But now
instead of second-hand accounts
of days in bed,
ill-fated relationships
and unaccountable weeping,
I read her own words.

And I am staggered,
by her strength
and her insight,

and by how little
we can know of each other
until we are ready
to learn.
Alan McClure
Written by
Alan McClure
       Austere, Chidera Abaratu, Shana, ---, deja and 18 others
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