Her emotions spill all over
on paper just like bottles
of milk being spilt on the floor

Her real self is in the mirror
while she is a miniature of
the true her being hidden
in the mirror hanging on her wall

Her tears roll down silently
like the rivers which flows
freely to every direction daily

Her oppressors oppress her daily
and she can't do anything about it
because the fear and weakness in her
won't let her face them

Now Her clock is ticking and her
real self can't stand all the
shame and disgrace these people make
her go through so because of these
her real self gets out of the mirror hanging
on her wall and gets into HER

An eclipse?
White light falls on the flag
But the shadow covers the land
Triumphant songs of the hungry
Bird become sour
There is little we can do

White, just a glimpse of another green.
There is nothing we can do
As we hold on tightly to some hope--
The little one the flag can afford us.

It was meant for her
she felt it but yet
to her she couldn't get it

It was in her linage
but yet she thought
she couldn't get there
cus' she was a commoner
and of a forbidden race,a Jew

It was true her family was
wiped out by the Amalekites
leaving her and her cousin orphaned
still destiny had great plans for them

It was true that in the whole
of Persia she was among the most
beautiful maiden but yet her cousin
now her father prevented her from
leaving the house and coming in contact with the king

As she grew into a lady
she became more beautiful and
this actually made her the most
beautiful lady in the whole of Persia

As she was being promised
by her late mother her cousin
now her father gave her the Tresured Medallion
the Star of David when she
became a full blown woman

Since out of love and care
she ran not in disguise of a boy
but her self to the palace to save Jesse
her friend who they captured to make
a palace official but unfortunately for her
she was immediately siezed to be among the Queens to be
something she always wished for but
because of wht they did to her
the palace was her most feared place

At the palace in the harem
she found favour in the eyes of the royal enouch Hegai
and everyone in the palace
making her the most loved person in the palace
Hegai kept the secret of her being a Jew

As time went on she waited
for the night with the king
that single night that would change
everything for her and her family
and truely that night came and
she found favour in the king's eyes
and through this she became the
Queen of Great Persia

We all would be wondering
who this lucky girl is and what her name is
well this is just a little story of  Jewish girl
who was greatly favoured by God
whose name was changed from Hadassah
to Star of Pussa to Queen Esther

This is the longest poem i've ever written and i don't know if it is nice or not

It is getting to an end
very soon the whole enjoyment
merriment and jollyment will soon be over

But anyway it was fun
being around everyone
and the happiness is without bound

I'm so sad and at the same time
happy that things are coming to an end
and i love the ending cus'
its a happy one and i wish
it would not come to an end at all

  Aug 30 Abaratu Chidera

sometimes i forget that i
exist so
desire me, require me
am i not the oxygen that keeps you alive
the very oxygen that could set you alight

skin on skin,
right left and centre
blazing trails along my spine

set my lungs on fire
watch as i burn alive
from my stomach to my throat
burn me up, liquified fire
melting into my brain, setting my nerves aflame

i had no idea what to name this poem, if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know, thank you in advance :')

My Girl.

She was not mine to keep.
They tell me it was for the best.
Besides, is anything really to keep?

Maybe I am meant to cherish the times I held her in my arms.
In those moments it felt as if that was what my arms were made for.

I thought she felt loved. I thought she felt safe.

Didn't s h e?

She returned to the arms of the very man who drove her into mine from the start.

Maybe she expected more from me, I don’t know.
I can live with never finding out why she left.

The one thing I cannot get myself to do,
is find another reason to allow my arms to make another soul feel safe.

I guess there is one thing I get to keep….
…… my arms to myself.

Maybe one day this poem will have a happy ending.
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