Memories are running back
but this time not in slow motion any more
cus they are running back in full force

These memories are heart breaking
and painful experiences we've all
gone through in life

And now remembering these memories
causes most people to go into depression
and even commit sucide just bcos of these memories

But truely what causes these memories?
Well the answer is not far from you cus'
you are the one who make each other go through such pains

You harm people intentionally
in order to make jest of them
you destroy people's lifes in order
too laugh at their failure/ mistakes

Its because of you that
these painful memories hunt
people down to their graves

Its because of you that
each time people remember you
they remember the sad memories
that come along with your name

And now we all can see that
you're a wolf in sheep clothing
a green snake in a green grass

And its now clear to
us all that you're a devil in disguise and that you're nothing but a chamelion
I wish I can put you in my heart
I wish I can wrap you in my self
How glad I will be
Amd now memories of the past
goes running down to me
She's forever calling out to us
to be wise in our dealings
she's foreve seeking for us
at every corner of our gates,
streets and estates but yet we
do not harken to her voice
because we feel that she is not
important or she's of no use
to the society but yet we are the
ones who use her daily, we are the
ones who search for her when we feel she's needed
but yet are the ones who say to her "You are of no use to the society"
and because of this she keeps calling us "fools of this generation "
because we act without sense and behave like
people who are not born of a woman
But yet there are still people among us who she praises
daily because they act with sense and behave like people
who were born of a woman and she's no other person
than the one and only mother of all virtues
who is called"WISDOM " by those who know
and recognize Her
Chidera Abaratu Dec 2017
Christmas has always been a day
of joy,happiness and peace
it has always been a day to
share gifts,show love and enjoy
with families and friends

In reality Christmas should be
a day to commune with angels and saints
because on this day our savior Jesus Christ
was born and consequently we all are sure
of our redemption

On Christmas,love should be
shown to everyone both friends and
enemies ,the old and the young because
on this day God showed us true love
by coming down in human form to come
and suffer for the sins of mankind and on
this note I'm wishing everyone a very
  Nov 2017 Chidera Abaratu
Grey has all but pilfered the sky
the sparrow's gone and hid away
stillness has abandoned hope
down, in fallen leaves I lay

where has the laughter gone
that once echoed in my way
amiable and highly affluent
let not vengeance rue the day

Yes, I prayed for the rain
and her most auspicious ways
when I was burnt and blistered
by sun's blind and blazing rays

But now I beg to differ
and wish her soon return
there's things I can't remember
and her love I strongly yearn
Chidera Abaratu Nov 2017
Their worst enemy sits at
the opposite side of the table
waving and smiling at them
as she always does
whenever they show their stupidity

Although she does not seem harmful
she's their greatest fear and enemy beause
she has the ability to do what
they can't do and that's to be
on the inside and at the same time
on the outside

She knows she's their most feared enemy
and she loves it because she knows
what they haven't discovered and has
what they  can never possess in this life

She knows who they truly are
she knows their inner most secrets
she feels their pains,happiness,love
Joy, sadness,numbness and satisfaction
and she's no other person than
  Nov 2017 Chidera Abaratu
Poetic T
Could of filled a thousand times
Up I went, opened that loose pink hole
Must have felt like air between thighs.
But you were always wanting more in-kind
Up it went did you feel anything inside
Could say I was small I was 9 inches 2 wide
Keep it coming fill you up, my sacks gave too much
Empty shrivelled bags seeds sewn now only dust
T**ill the next time my sexy Cum Bucket love.
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