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Jun 2012
I see in vivid pictures. I imagine and daydream picturesque thoughts--
Strangely enough, I do not find this a gift.
It's more a burden, A burden on this young mind.
For example,
I cannot forget the time,
I was lying on his purple and white striped sheets,
in a black iron-framed bed with my head upon a shapeless down pillow,
The lights were dim, it smelled of clean laundry and a good type of sweat,
and a small heater was on--
Everything was warm.
I heard the sound of the door opening and I pretended to be asleep,
Because I was so excited to see him and,
I wanted to say so many things,
Probably dumb things...
I wanted to greet him in so many ways:
Playfully caress his hair, kiss him, say hello?
My brain was wondering why I couldn't do all three of those things at once.
it had only been 2 hours, I thought
I needed to silence my mind and calm my nerves
There I was--
Sleeping beauty, silently wondering how he would react to me
my warmed ear started buzzing
a shiver went through my entire body as I heard and felt this whisper.
a lovely, careless whisper from him to me
He said it so gently--
Like he didn't want to wake me but,
He wanted me to know he was there.
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