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May 2012
Innocence is bliss
    or is that ignorance?
    why not and what ifs
    coulda, woulda, shoulda
   but I didn't
   and here we are
   just me and my words
   and you and your eyes
  no sense in stopping now
  keep reading
  I have a secret
but I won't tell you till the end
life is so very delicate
(no, that's not the secret)
we all know this is true
look around
it surrounds you
the way a bee crashes
into a butterfly
the way her eyes
softened when they looked
at mine
how paper tears so simply
yet, cuts your finger
just as easily
how a tired father
"I love you"
making his first
at tuck in time
and the way the light
combs the hair of the earth
with a little help
courtesy of the wind

You are a masterpiece
perfectly crafted
a blue print
built to life
by the breath
of pure energy
the essence
of the Universe

That was the secret
(tell everybody)
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
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