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Jul 2017
times and rhymes and anxious spines
tired chest, worn weariness
"you express yourself eloquently", she said
"but you seem flat"
how do I respond to that?
fallen body, sunken in the chair
I say the words, am I really there?
a monotone voice and shaking knees
is this what it truly means to be?
they teach you the alphabet
and how to count to three
but not how you're supposed to see life differently
when the streetlights are smashed
and your lighters ran out
your whisper barely heard, in your head it's a shout
a distant plead
an aching need
the desire
to be freed
from this fatigue.
this one's angsty. I realise upon making a new poetry account in order to filter out all my old angsty ***** I probably should've posted my oldest ones first and my newest ones last. Oh well. I'm posting this one again bc although it makes me cringe a bit I don't mind it too much.

October 2015
Written by
fairyenby  19/Genderqueer/Sheffield
     Xallan and ---
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