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May 2012
I dreamt of you last night
In lucid colors. I was operative
When you asked me for a kiss,
I could decide whether to kiss you back or not
And I can't even say that's true in reality
But when I dreamt of you we even had a satisfying talk
We talked in ways that we have not,
Since the bright, bright yellow days
I was truthful, You were truthful
Listening comfortably like the libra you are
"You have a jaw I could write a poem about"
I said to you
"Will you do it please, and give it to me?"
In my head I'm thinking baby you don't know how many poems I have
Dedicated to you
In my little red notebook that symbolizes the red I feel for you
And that's when my dream is gone
Maybe it's my memory that's too strong
The simple thought of you is too straining on the mind
To be relaxed enough for sleep
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