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Jun 2017
.                                                   pękł -
   reg. a balloon:
                                         he burst,
in other languages
certain words
have no
gender neutrality,
why double the standard
for a per se fetish,
regarding neither noun
nor verb gender neutral,
by sole testimony
    identifying pronouns
as gender neutral?
     move to switzerland,
and you'll find certain objects
having a gender bias...
e.g. a grenade is male,
a chair is female,
                a table is male...
not really:
a chair is gender-neutral,
    a sleeve is male,
     the sun is female,
   the moon is male,
  the bed is female,
       the floor is female,
  a house is a hermaphrodite,
     as is tango.
how can you attain
          gender neutrality
within the framework
of pornouns?
  sorry, pronouns...
                     english is
looking, but rather not looking
at itself being
constrained in a straitjacket...
******* lunatics, a bunch
of ******* lunatics...
   pronouns are
         gender exclusive...
other european tongues?
their nouns are gender
                    to me the english
language is *******,
or at least contrasting
the darwinistic bombast:
and to think,
it only took the church being
truly established,
   the mistaken identity of
the dead sea scrolls,
          st. thomas' gospel,
   and the nag hammadi library...
bunch of wanks...
      sure, if the atlantic sea
is just a pond...
   wanks welcome yanks...
     in continental
   european, a chair can summon
a male pronoun association,
   while a frying-pan can summon
a female pronoun...
    england was never going to
be as eccentric as iceland...
  unless in never never ever land.
                                       yep, she burst.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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