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Jan 30
if you choose me you choose the whole me
i will not give you my pieces.
i come as one.

i will not put those pieces back together again.

we keep lettingΒ love break us because we dissemble ourselves by picking apart the pieces in which we define to be unlovable.

not only are you hiding
behind the fear of your flaws,
but when you only give the pieces,
when the mind you give is not your whole,
or you offer only part of your soul,
that is love breaking you before it has even begun.

and that is why we end up in pieces
when we become conscious of the pain
of having to glue yourself together again,
it is hard to welcome the good pieces back
because you have gotten used to being made up of the bad.

so when those dark pieces were the good pieces you gave away
no wonder it is so hard to get back up.

you come as a whole
you are not a piece.

do not be broken
before you are loved.
Written by
olivia  24/F/united kingdom
(24/F/united kingdom)   
   BR Dragos
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