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May 2012
"The Business Int'l is a trans-national,
Multi-operative, corporate entity.
With the means to function outside
Normal Gov't bounds
The Business Int'l has become the worldwide leader
On the frontline of:
Genetic & Bio-Engineering!
Space Exploration
And long-range teleportation services!

Our research will better* [human-kind]
And is the most advanced & comprehensive
Ever imagined.

The Business Int'l values it's loyal customers!
And at the Business Int'l
We take all of your corcerns seriously.

We also offer aid to every worker at any/all of our subsidiaries
Any 4th class employee who feels compelled to:

[Leave the Facility]
[Propagate sensitive data]
Remain calm. And fasten yourself to nearby set furniture
Until our Registered Physcian can
Follow up with you.
Self-Quarentine is a Business Int'l core policy!

In extreme cases though,
The Business Int'l reminds you to
Be prepared to utilize
Your personalized botulinum capsule
Provided to you during your initiation!

Thank you!
I'm planning on posting a micro-trilogy of poems / short-stories revolving around "The Business Int'l", it's "CEO" and it's operating headquarters, "the Facility". Mostly centered around corporate gangs, criminals, abuse, deception and greed.
Written by
dj  Michigan
     Shashank Virkud, dj, --- and Lucan
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