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May 2017
I guess there must be a god
Or something like him.

Because you are alive
And thats awesome

But two other men are dead
So I gotta ask

God. If you exist for real
Why are those who do good

The ones injured
While the one who inflicts

Stands tall.
My friend and two others were stabbed yesterday. They were protecting two muslim women from a man hurling slurs and threats. My heart goes out to the families of the two men that passed and I am thankful to say my friend will survive. He is in the hospital and will pull through. The attacker has been identified and taken into custody. I believe, if there is not a god, there is at least someone or something out there looking after us.
Olivia L
Written by
Olivia L  Earth, Apparently
(Earth, Apparently)   
   ej and Mikoarenas
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