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ej Aug 2018
i took your photo
so i may later
be riffling through
old memories
and find that this
one refuses to
collect dust
ej Aug 2018
i let you know
i don't want this hour to end
as the minutes pass us by
the clock's hands slide away
buying time until

i realize

this can last forever
if we want it to
and i do
ej Aug 2018
my hair grows long
wheat grass under
the sun

so do our conversations
meandering and young
with no intent

i feel this chapter in our story
coming to an end
ej Jul 2018
you find a way
each day
to squeeze between the
cracks in my armor

and i become so warm
i melt the steel
so once we're done
i need to buy a new suit

you show me new sounds
i've never heard before
and i swear you sat down
and invented a hundred colors

i've used them to paint my walls
so your touch is inescapable
your voice never fades
and my world never stops
ej Jul 2018
we are drinking in the light
that filters through the trees
and i feel her tug on my shoulder
i turn to the right
meet the gaze of another man
far away

i am feeling the rush of caffeine
leaning on the counter
and i feel her behind my back
in white drapes and vines around
her shoulders as a scarf
here to give another warning

i am far away from here
moving faster than any man has
before but she is there
beside me
light as a feather but
heavy as my heart
ej Jul 2018
to be the earth
as you are the cold sea
calming my breathing
taming my shores
our contact muddling the
border of sea and sky

my warmth rises but you
are there to temper it
as your storms meet my
mountains and stop
in their tracks

the force i cannot match
is how you bring life to
everything you touch
and i may only help it grow
ej Jul 2018
we see best when our eyes are shut
you're too afraid to try
too scared of what you'll find
lurking beyond the paths you've
walked a million times before

nothing is written
but the items you cross off your list
turning green again
once the paper is used, once
you return it to the earth

it may regain life
as you
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