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Jun 2017
Some say he's a monster, some say he's a ghost, some say he's a parasite lacking a host. Some think he's a mystic, some say he's possessed, he's merely a boy, but that wasn't addressed. He isn't abnormal there's no need to ask him, he's simply a boy and his name is Phantom.
Phantom is quiet, he doesn't talk much, he doesn't like answering questions and such. He doesn't speak much, he's always been shy, he keeps to himself cause he's that kind of guy. Battles in his head, the ongoing strife, when he's alone, he ponders his life. He questions his choices and then he'll consider, where he went wrong and then he'll be bitter. He questions the violence and senseless futility, the wars overseas and human capability. Some say his mind's hard, solid like stone, but they don't see how he thinks when alone. That is his story, wouldn't you like to meet him? You already have, my name is Phantom.
Written by
Charlie Renaud  19/M/Canada
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