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Charlie Renaud Jan 2018
It’s hard for me to carry on, knowing **** well that you’re gone. My blood runs black, my heart destroyed, trying to fill the endless void. I wish I could tell you how I feel, but the thought of it just seems unreal. For I am weak and can’t endure, secretly I’m insecure. The darkness grows inside my brain, feelings which I can’t explain, your love which I can’t obtain, my life going down the drain, hanging lowly from a chain, these feelings I just can’t contain because seeing you is beautiful pain.
If I said I’m fine I’m sure I’ve lied, life without you is suicide. This life by which I can’t abide, it’s hard without you by my side, with the thoughts I chose to hide, in solitude I now reside. With this heart I can’t console, as I slowly lose control. If I confessed what would I gain, aside from a bit more beautiful pain.
Charlie Renaud Aug 2017
It's been several weeks since I picked up a pen, now that I'm back I might as well try again. After several long weeks I've made my return, but I've been gone for so long that there's a lot I can learn.
Several long weeks since I wrote my last rhyme, I might as well try now that I've got some time.
But I'm not here to be famous or make my name known, I'm not here to rewrite some old lines I can clone. I'm not here to lecture or to paint the world black, I'm not here to boast no that's not why I'm back.
I'm here caused I missed simply getting to write, I'm here because I wanted to make the world bright. I'm back at it again to express how I'm feeling, and with a few lines I can make it appealing. That's why I'm back to express what I'm feeling because simply put this is the best form of healing.
Charlie Renaud Jun 2017
Some say he's a monster, some say he's a ghost, some say he's a parasite lacking a host. Some think he's a mystic, some say he's possessed, he's merely a boy, but that wasn't addressed. He isn't abnormal there's no need to ask him, he's simply a boy and his name is Phantom.
Phantom is quiet, he doesn't talk much, he doesn't like answering questions and such. He doesn't speak much, he's always been shy, he keeps to himself cause he's that kind of guy. Battles in his head, the ongoing strife, when he's alone, he ponders his life. He questions his choices and then he'll consider, where he went wrong and then he'll be bitter. He questions the violence and senseless futility, the wars overseas and human capability. Some say his mind's hard, solid like stone, but they don't see how he thinks when alone. That is his story, wouldn't you like to meet him? You already have, my name is Phantom.
Charlie Renaud May 2017
We live in a world that is run by terror, by fatal attacks and lethal error. We live in a world overrun by fear, always afraid violence may draw near. We live in a world that is plagued with hate, a world where terror doesn't discriminate. We live cradled snugly in the arms of war, with factions abroad demanding much more. And since we've spoke back with heavy criticism, the world responded with a new threat, terrorism.
Knives guns bombs and more, attacking the innocent and killing galore. We see these attacks and mourn those killed, in darkest days more blood is spilled. Every attack with more and more killed, it's time we fight back and it's time we rebuild. Let's tear down our walls, the ones that divide, we must honour those, the ones that have died. I want to speak up and I stretch out my hand, because united against this violence we stand.
On a more personal note, I want to express my sorrows for all those who were killed and injured in the Manchester bombing on Monday. I'm disgusted that people have such extreme views and go as far as to spill innocent blood just to prove a point. My heart goes out to all those affected, united we stand.
Charlie Renaud May 2017
I've been M.I.A lately, my mind's been in action, writing more lines and dealing with social traction. Going full countercultural, blocking out distraction, trying to fit in while staying true to my faction.
That's my topic today, my current subject, now before I go on and with all due respect, I mean not to offend, feel free to object, I'm not pointing fingers cause you're not a suspect.
In this day and age I feel like a defect, because I write poems I'm treated like a reject, and my love of heavy metal has had an effect on the way I'm treated like I'm imperfect.
Some might say I'm broken, that's incorrect, as a matter of fact there's a fear I detect, a fear of difference that's been going unchecked, it's so hard to solve because it's so indirect. We hold back our thoughts and try to be perfect, well that isn't good it's a snowball effect. There are cases aplenty all uniquely diverse, but the more we hold back it'll only get worse. I want to show the world that there's nothing to fear,and that when there is I'll be the frontier. But we all have our limits and I'm no engineer, simply put I'm a pioneer. A simple minded poet, a man of innovation, solving all my trouble through poetic creation.
Charlie Renaud May 2017
Some people confuse why I started writing, it helps me to cope with the battles I'm fighting. I wanted to speak up, felt like it was my turn, I came to this website cause I wanted to learn. I read peoples' works and I felt so involved, and now I write more cause my style's evolved. A style unique although quite hard to find, a style that truly is one of a kind. Now I search this site for poems galore, all in the hopes that I can learn more. So that I can learn from the works I adore, So that I can take notes and my style will soar. That's why I'm a poet, I want to inspire, to be a role model and keep stoking the fires. I want to show people that I'm not a ******, that I'll keep on moving and break every limit.
Charlie Renaud May 2017
As I look into your eyes, brighter than the bluest skies the kind of eyes that mesmerize, the ones where all my trouble dies.
As I look into your eyes, the ones that make my spirits rise, with looks that beauty never buys, as I gaze into your eyes.
And I stroke your silky hair, my worries fade without a care.
I take a breath of frosty air and look into your eyes so fair.
I simply cannot help but stare, emotions that I couldn't share come rushing out with such despair, and now my fears are everywhere.
But then you stop me then and there, with compassion truly rare, help me with the load I bear, and put an end to my nightmare.
You help me out like it's your duty, I'm thankful for my blue eyed beauty
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