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May 2017
Far away I thought You were-
for so long now my heart's been fighting
all this darkness
all around me, inside me
like a broken sword I could not fix alone......

Far away I thought you were
my face smashed cruel in darkness,
my hands bound tight with steel,
my mind trapped low in cages- my prayers on fire- dying....
so much love kept hidden-
every word was lost.

Far away I thought you were,
no kind justice on my side,
no fair game that i could see.

Rage burns hot enough to fester,
sorrow became a planet,
mercy a hanging dead man,
Europa became a home and all the ice a familiar story integrated in every bone.

Far away I thought you were...

Every country an enormous lie
Every Army a blind massacre
Every TV a space invader
with strings that play the puppets.

A mass invasion on common sense and Good will.

A mass invasion on my soul.

What a hard game to learn to play.
What a cruel deal to have to watch.

All this pointless death in the name of Power and Religion,
so many threats to life
running blindly to freely execute....

How can they not know what they are doing?
Have they cremated Care?
How many lies can one man take?
How many dark roads along this stretch?

Far away I thought You were
left abandoned and impaled

I could not hear you from such distance
I did not see any goodness left to cradle.

I banished myself from the kingdom- turned rogue
and left myself to torture.

Far away i thought you were, no reason left to live.

All my love and hopes were shattered until sunlight came sneaking in.
Insightful whispers draping down like rainfall to mountain peak.

Please turn it green again.

A powerful love from a boundless world not far away at all. who knew you could fit inside the heart? who knew your promise to be real? how bright is your spirit light tonight?

I gazed inside for you from some perfect rooftop I thought as dream- a golden city blinded me like a wish that boomeranged back belief, and restored my faith and love.

Far away I thought you were until a friendly knock came tapping at my door and I realized that you were the one wanting to be found.

Please connect me back to you.

I could not see your light from so far below the ground.

Far away i thought you were- my heart was a sail in a tumultuous storm flapping lonely with no sight of friend nor shore.

Far away I thought You were with only a vague sense of You on the other side of some incredible, invisible door.

Please Connect me back to You and turn it green again.

© 2014 Scott Lee
Styles 12
Written by
Styles 12  42/M
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