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May 2017
Blinding flashes
and sound of clicks.
The photographer's toy
records our joy.
The beach air filled
with laughs, smiles and kiss.
And friends long lost
Were found once more.

Popped cans of beer,
and loud echoes of "cheers",
"Let's build a fire!",
were all that we yelled.
few piles of sticks,
a bonfire was built.
Like kids, we danced around,
as the fading sun went down.

We gazed in awe,
and exploded with laughter.
As we told tales of mischief,
triumphs and disasters.
The fire soared higher,
bringing life to the Night,
and its menacing flames,  
reflected grudgingly in our eyes.

Not so far off
from where we were: reminiscing,
Some palm trees swayed
in elegance: dancing,
to the melody  
of a howling midnight wind.
And the moon lit the stage
with its silver rays.

We strolled by the coast,
wading through the sands,
love smitten, Nemerem and i,
hand in hand.
We sat and we stared,
as the ocean breathed,
and in such serenity,
our worries were blurred.

I stole a quick kiss
on her youthful lips.
She was shy at first
then responded quick.
We moaned and we gasped
and off went our clothes
drifting to bliss
beneath a radiant sky,
while the glimmering stars watched.

Her hair lit like gold,
while the morning sun rose.
As dusk gave away,
we both smiled, awake.

Forever in euphoria
was all that we wished.

but the truth reared its head,
an enemy to our wish.

For our

Holiday retreat ends,
and a journey home awaits.
Some Long open roads
and deceptious gates.


Holiday retreat ends,
a journey home awaits.
Long open roads and
unwelcoming gates.

The end.

© 2015 - Ifeanyi.
Written by
Ifeanyi  M/Awka, Nigeria.
(M/Awka, Nigeria.)   
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